You Don’t Need More Than 2 Days To See Sintra Portugal, And Here’s How To Do It Right


Sintra feels like a tiny world of its own and if you’re planning a trip to Portugal, this city can be seen in its entirety in only two days.

Many travelers put Italy, Spain, and France on their bucket list, but Portugal often gets overlooked. It’s one of the most underrated countries in the world. The country of Portugal is a must for those with serious wanderlust. The country is steeped high in culture, history, and beauty. The cities are in Portugal are like something straight out of a fairytale, and the beaches are some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world, with many being undercrowded. Perhaps one of the most majestic cities in the region is that of Sintra.

Sintra, often referred to as Lisbon’s next-door neighbor, is an absolute must for anyone planning a trip to Portugal. The small village sits nestled in the mountains, is packed with sparkling palaces, contains culinary delights that are out of this world, and so much more.

Soak Up The Sun On A Beach

Praia da Marinha: the Complete Guide to the #1 Beach of the Algarve

The beaches of Portugal are a massive draw for many vacationers in search of sun and surf. Praia Da Marinha is world-renowned for its beauty. They are stunning spaces to unwind at and are often uncrowded compared to the beaches of Spain and southern France. Praia de Ursa is a wild and natural area that butts up to the ocean waters. Imagine, rugged cliffs, clear blue waters, and golden beaches.

If you have money to burn, the esteemed eatery Adraga Restaurant sits perched at the end of the cliffs here and offers vacationers spectacular views and equally spectacular meals.

Sintra is a small space, but it’s a giant when it comes to places that are totally worth traveling to in your lifetime. Whether you seek out fantastic food, culture, and history, or time on the beautiful beaches, this Portuguese village has something for everyone.

Make Sure Pena Palace Is At The Top Of Your Sight Seeing List

Pena Palace - Wikipedia

The number one place in all of Sintra that travelers must hit up is Pena Palace. The castle, which was the brainchild of King Ferdinard, looks as if a real Disney Princess lives there. Tourists can explore the brightly colored palace, taking in the sights of the nearby mountaintops and the seemingly enchanted forests that surround the castle. It is truly a remarkable space that anyone spending time in Portugal, or neighboring countries should visit.

Make A Day Trip To The Castle Of The Moors

Fátima and Surrounding Monasteries – Find Lisbon

Portugal has an abundance of castles to learn about and wander around. Located deep in the forests of the Serra De Sintra lies a castle of ruins, The Castle of the Moors. The views here will leave anyone breathless, both from the beauty as well as from the walking and hiking that the place requires of its visitors. Spend a day here, transporting yourself back in time and imagining what life was like for the Northern African people of the tenth century. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.

Get Your Eat On At Casa Piriquita

You Don't Need More Than 2 Days To See Sintra Portugal, And Here's How To  Do It Right

With so many great places to catch a meal in Sintra, how do you know which are the absolute “musts.” Well, we can take the guess work out for you. Don’t leave here without grabbing a treat at the famous Casa Piriquita. This bakery is one of the city’s oldest bakeries and is known for its mouthwatering homemade pillowy treats. Walk around the quaint town, explore castles of yesteryear, and stuff your face with incredible treats during your downtime. Now THAT is a fabulous vacation.

casa piriquita. Синтра. Португалия | CozyZone

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