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Anyone who has visited Austria will certainly agree with us that it is one of the most delightful countries to visit in Europe. Every time we hear the name Austria, it just takes us back to the magical time we spent with our family last year in this dreamy little country. One is never short of reasons to include Austria on their travel list. Be it as a getaway for Winter Sports fanatics or to explore the gorgeous Alps during the summers, the postcard-perfect sceneries of Austria attracts tourist all throughout the year. Nature lovers are attracted to Austria’s natural beauty like a moth to fire.

Our sisters are so in love with this stunning country that we can go on and on about why one should add Austria to one bucket list. However, just not to bore you guys, we have shortlisted our favorite reasons to visit Austria:

The unspoiled beauty of the Austrian Alps

Australian Alps | Country roads, Places to travel, Alpine village

The Austrian Alps are a magical creation of nature and a perfect glimpse into how beautiful our earth is. At first glimpse of the Austrian Alps, it was like stepping into a romantic novel scene. The lush landscapes with the snowcapped mountains in the background are picture-perfect and one can never get enough of this breath-taking view. A short trip through the hills, one will be gasping with sheer joy at the sight of the pristine blue lakes dazzling against the sun and dreamy clouds making their way up to the mountains.

Wander through the magnificent palaces

Exploring Vienna's Imperial Hofburg Palace: A Visitor's Guide | PlanetWare

A visit to any European nation is incomplete without exploring its Royal living quarters. The Austrian Royal Palaces such as the Schönbrunn Palace and Hofburg Palace, both of which are located in Vienna are a sight to sore eyes and a delightful experience to all the art and history Enthusiasts. The castles in the country have the distinct advantage of being located in some of the most gorgeous locations like the Hochosterwitz Castle and the Aggstein Castle, bringing every fairytale to life. A tour of these Royal Palaces, Forts, and Castles will give an interesting insight into the rich history of Austria and the monarchs who ruled this beautiful country.

Be enthralled by the charming little villages

Hallstatt - Idyllic Village of Plenty Fun Activities, Austria | Places To  See In Your Lifetime

Austria is blessed with many picturesque little villages that are a sheer delight to visit. Cute chalets, lush green pastures with the mountains on the backdrop make a perfect getaway location. These quaint little villages and towns are just what one needs to visit to truly enjoy Austria and also to have a glimpse into the lives of the locals. Stroll through the endless maze of dainty-looking cottages, which has smoke softly bellowing through its chimneys, taking in the beauty of simplicity. Hallstatt is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the country and one cannot miss the opportunity to explore it while in Austria.

Ski your way through the snowcapped mountains

Innsbruck Skiing & Snowboarding | Innsbruck Ski Lifts Terrain & Trail Maps

As we said, Austria is a highly favored winter destination and is also considered a skier’s paradise by many. Although we weren’t lucky enough to experience the joys of skiing in the Austrian Alps, we were lucky to witness snowfall when we visited Innsbruck. Tyrol is a perfect winter vacation destination in the Alps having numerous ski resorts that not only let experts bring out their ski poles and snowboards but also provides skiing lessons to beginners.

Explore the art and music scene

Must-Visit in Vienna - The Hundertwasser House | Widewalls

Austria is not only a country with stunning sceneries, but it is also the birthplace of many famed artists like Mozart, Strauss, Wagner, etc. The work of these legendary artists is revered to this day all over the world. The country has some incredible pieces of art on display in their museums. A tour of Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is exactly one needs to completely immerse in the Austrian art and culture. Or spend an evening at the Vienna State Opera, losing yourself to the world of classical music, poetry, drama, and dance.

Dance to the Sound of Music

Hohensalzburg Fortress — Travel kills me

Chase the story of the Trapp Family from one of the finest vintage movies “Sound of Music” across Salzburg city. Visit the Mehlweg, to recreate the Julie Andrews memories, or head to the Mirabellplatz to twirl to the tunes from this blockbuster musical.

Indulge yourself in delicious desserts

Viennese coffee | Braun Household PH

Everyone with a sweet tooth must consider this as one of the major reasons to visit Austria. The Austrian desserts are a real treat to indulge in alongside a steaming cup of Viennese coffee. Hop into any of the quaint bakeries to have a taste of the famous Sacher Torte, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

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