Where to See Sunflower Fields in Geneva


If you’re looking for something to see near Geneva, the sunflower fields in July are amazing. Here we’ll show you where to see sunflower fields in Geneva.

Greetings friends. We recently had the opportunity to visit some sunflower fields in Geneva and are excited to share our experience with you. When searching for where to see sunflower fields in Geneva, we had to find the information from a few different sources and figured it would be useful to document our trip in an article. So here you go.

I’ll note that we went to see the sunflower fields in the middle of July and they were in great condition.

Switzerland Has Many Sunflower Fields

I’ll start by saying that you can see sunflower fields all across Switzerland. As you’re driving along the A1, for example, you’ll see these beautiful fields peppered across the landscape. I’d argue that those sunflower fields are larger and more beautiful than the ones in Geneva; however, they can be difficult to access and locate in advance.

Sunflower Fields in Geneva

Now that we have the basics out of the way, here are the sunflower fields we went to in Geneva.

The following map displays the route we took along with pins for each location. You can remove the route line by deselecting the “General Directions” in the legend box (accessible in the upper left of the map).

Meyrin Area

In the Meyrin area, there are three fields near each other. Of these, there is one that is very large and beautiful. It’s best to visit this site in the morning to see the flowers standing tall. These are fields 1, 2, and 3 on the map.

Note that you will park once for these three fields then do a bit of walking. We were at this location for less than an hour.

Sunflower field and mountainsI think this is my favorite photo of the day. The flowers are so perfect and the sky is looking great!

Sunflowers from the backsideI bet this field is cool, but from where we were, we could only see the backs of the flowers. It may be better in the afternoon.

Sunflower field in Geneva with house in backgroundSunflower field in Meyrin

Thonex Area

On the way to the Jussy area, we happened upon a cool field in Thonex. It was right alongside of the road and turned out to be one of the better ones. There is parking right in front of the field. This field corresponds to number 4 on the map.

Sunflower field and housesWe happened upon this field in Thonex as we were heading to another field on our list

Jussy Area

After about 20 minutes at this location, we headed to our final destination in Jussy. There are numerous fields in this location, and we visited three of them. These are labeled 5, 6, and 7 on the map.

This location is quite cool. You’ll park at a winery (which I’m guessing you could visit too) and then walk to the first two fields. The first field is on the property of the winery, surrounded by vineyards. We liked this field quite a bit.

Sunflower field near GenevaAnother cool field. This one was on the property of a winery and was surrounded by vineyards

Once you’ve seen enough here, you can mosey on over to the roundabout (you probably passed it on your way in) to see the next field. I enjoyed this field due to the interesting background. There are some neat houses and a leafless tree, all adding to the scene.

Sunflower field near GenevaI liked this field a lot due to the background

Finally, on your way back to Geneva (if you’re going that way), there’s a large field just off of the road. You need to drive to this one, but there is some parking nearby. While this field is a large one, the sunflowers are tall, which increased the difficulty of getting great photos.

Sunflower field and mountainsHere’s the final field we visited. We happened upon this one too.

Wrapping Up

We thoroughly enjoyed seeing the sunflower fields, and we know you will too. I hope this article helps you find where to see sunflower fields in Geneva. If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments below to help out your fellow travelers.

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Additional Photos

Up close photo of sunflowerHere’s Lin’s favorite picture of the day. This sunflower is nearly perfect!

Woman with sunflowers in backgroundA great picture of Lin at the field in Meyrin

Up close of perfect sunflowerAnother nearly perfect flower. So cool.

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there.


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