Where To See Kangaroos in Australia?


Kangaroos are probably the most famous animal in Australia. They have appeared on Australian badges and are found throughout Australia. Kangaroos like the grass space open, so get out of the city and you’re almost guaranteed to see one or two kangaroos.
This is a detailed description of some of the best (and most beautiful) places to see kangaroos in nature and at Australian wildlife reserves.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary


Bonorong Wildlife Reserve is located just outside Hobart in Tasmania. They run Tasmania’s largest 24/7 Wildlife Rescue Service and their goal is to bring all healthy animals back to nature. At Bonorong, your entrance fee will help these animals come back. The best part about Bonorong is that you can walk among kangaroos in their sizeable outdoor house. Guests can also buy food and feed kangaroos directly, which is an unforgettable experience.

Narawntapu National Park


Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania says Narawntapu National Park is often called “Serengeti of Tasmania,” due to the abundance of wildlife that can be discovered. National parks include capes, islands, marshes, lagoons, and dunes. Forester kangaroos call the national park home and are often found grazing on the grass in the evening. Other animals you can see include wallabies, wombats and Tasmanian demons (if they’re lucky).

Murramarang National Park


Located on the south coast of New South Wales, Murramarang National Park and surrounding it are hot spots of the kangaroo. First, find any grass area in the national park, and you will likely find a kangaroo. Then examine Pebbly and Pretty Beaches, where the eastern gray kangaroos like to lie on the sand in the evening. There are also beaches at Jervis Bay, located north of the national park; and Honeymoon Bay near Currarong.

Kangaroo Island


Yes, the name is correct. Kangaroo Island is home to many kangaroos. Located off the coast of Adelaide in South Australia, a third of Kangaroo Island is protected by national parks, conservation parks, and protected areas. This means there is plenty of open space for kangaroos to roam freely, including Lathami Conservation Park, Flinders Chase and Grassdale National Park in Kelly Hill Conservation Park. Due to the number of kangaroos that are attacked by cars (an unfortunate thing that often happens across Australia), many car rental companies have earned permission to drive on Kangaroo Island between sunset and dawn.

Woodlands Historic Park


Woodlands historic park is located next to Melbourne Tullamarine airport. So step out of the plane and look straight at some gray kangaroos in their natural habitat. The 700-hectare park is also home to wallabies, echidnas, many bird species and bandicoots. There are many walking and cycling paths, so it is also a great day trip option from Melbourne.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


A wildlife sanctuary similar to Bonorong, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is located on Queensland’s Gold Coast. It has a large number of red and gray kangaroos, as well as some wallaby species. Visitors can buy food to donate to kangaroos at the Currumbin Wildlife Reserve. Currumbin Wildlife Hospital is one of the world’s busiest wildlife hospitals; Admit more than 10,000 animals annually.

Great Ocean Road


The Great Ocean Road is not only one of Australia’s most beautiful drives, but there are also a few places along the road that is home to the gray-headed kangaroos. First, check out Anglesea, because kangaroos like to gather at the local golf course. So Anglesea Golf Club runs guided tours on weekdays. Then there’s Bells Beach. At the other end of the Great Ocean Road is Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. Here you can discover kangaroos and much other wildlife.

Lucky Bay


Lucky Bay is located in Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance, on the south coast of Western Australia. The area is known to have some of Australia’s best beaches, and Lucky Bay is one of them. Its turquoise waters and white sand are inviting both humans and animals. Western gray kangaroo enjoy lazing on the beach, which stretches for five kilometers (3.1 miles). Visitors can also discover migrating whales throughout the year from coastal walks around Lucky Bay.

Grampians National Park


The eastern gray kangaroo is the species you will find throughout the Grampians National Park in the Victoria region. While exploring the national park, you may encounter quite a bit of kangaroo, so be careful when driving between sunset and dawn. There are also many kangaroos who like to wander around Halls Gap, which is the main town of the national park.



Australia’s capital city has the largest concentration of kangaroos. This means that if you want a guaranteed kangaroo in Australia, go to Canberra. Top locations around the city and in the Australian Capital Territory to detect kangaroos include Mount Ainslie, Namadgi National Park, Tidbinbilla National Park, and Governor’s House. The Government Building is located on a 54-hectare park, so kangaroos love it.

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