What To Do In Zermatt, Switzerland


After our stay in Geneva we took a train into Zermatt, Switzerland. I highly recommend it!! The last time I visited Zermatt I was about 13 (so it had been a hot minute). I have always claimed it as one of my favorite places I have ever been and have been dying to get back. It definitely didn’t disappoint the second time around! It’s the kind of place that is so perfect you have to stop yourself and realize that this is actually a real place and just get absorbed in it’s magic. My husband and I were joking the whole time, “Are we in Disney Land right now?”, haha. You really do get the same happy, magical feeling you get here when you go to some place like Disney Land, it’s that surreal. It’s so charming and picturesque you just want to run around town with a crepe in hand and snap photos of everything in sight. A little Disney fun fact for you all, that is the Matterhorn behind me in the picture below, which is the inspiration for the Matterhorn ride in Disney Land! Apparently Walt himself used to vacation here all the time and fell so deeply in love with the place he had to build a ride in honor of it. The Matterhorn is a mean, menacing thing in the best way possible. I’ve never seen a more epic mountain in my life.

If you get the chance to go to this magical town you must walk up to this lookout. It’s not far at all and is a perfect view of Zermatt. To get there simply walk up the path towards the Hotel The Omnia, you can’t miss it.

You can’t really tell in the photos, but right as Cole and I started walking up it started pouring rain with some of the biggest lightning I have ever seen. I think I flashed everyone below at least 5 times haha, the wind and my dress just weren’t havin’ it.

To the top baby! It’s crazy how easy they have made it to take a little shuttle up a winding mountain to get to the best viewing point of the Matterhorn. I highly recommend taking stops off the shuttle on the way up, there is so much to see! We saw herds of sheep roaming the mountainside as well as aqua blue lakes nestled tranquilly along the route. There are also a lot of very cool restaurants up there, I was blown away! Quick side note – did you know if you were to just cross over to the other side of the Matterhorn you would be in Italy?! That’s how close they are!

If you go to Zermatt only to do one thing you must do this, GO PARAGLIDING! This has to be one of the most fun things I have done in a long time. A perfect mix of thrill with some of the most epically gorgeous views I have ever seen, it’s breathtaking. Cole is deathly, and I’m talking DEATHLY, afraid of heights, but somehow we talked him into doing this and he even will agree, HE LOVED IT! It is this strangest thing, for some reason you don’t get as nervous being so high up. You feel like you are gently floating in a dreamlike state, and you are almost so high in the air that the fear goes away. Even some of the instructors said they are generally afraid of heights, but there is something different about this!

I would recommend calling ahead even just a day to schedule this because they do fill up and you want to make sure you can get in!

Lets just take a moment of a silence for my experience with these sheep . .
As intimidating as they look they were so sweet and not bothered by me at all. Right as Cole and I stumbled into finding them ( this was a journey in itself ) a storm started to cook up. I am talking big black clouds, insane thunder and massive lightning. We were up pretty far and to get down we had to hike a ways to the chairlift. I am not joking when I say we were seconds away from being trapped on that mountain because they shut down the chairlift when the storms get too rough. BLESSSSS we made it haha worth it for the shots lol!

And last bust not least, where to stay in Zermatt, Switzerland. This hotel is hands down one of my favorite experiences I have ever had in a hotel. First of all, this balcony situation is a dream and to be able to just look up at the Matterhorn out our window was surreal. Second, the service was beyond, everyone was so pleasant and helpful. And third, our bed was so comfortable I could have never left our room during our entire stay. Mont Cervin Palace, is a 160 year old hotel that sits right in the heart of the town. You couldn’t dream up a more appropriate place to stay tucked into the mountain. That first night it started pouring rain, we opened all our windows and just watched the lightning strike, it was magical.

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