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With its beautiful setting on the sides of Lake Lucerne and at the foothills of Mt. Pilatus, Lucerne is a very popular destination on any Switzerland traveler’s itinerary. This city in central Switzerland effortlessly combines traditional medieval architecture with all the modern comforts of a thriving city. For the shopaholics, this city is a hidden gem of department stores stocking the latest in women’s fashion, quaint boutiques focused on traditional Swiss handicrafts and the affordable souvenir shops selling everything from cuckoo clocks to Swiss knives. In Lucerne, you can shop to your heart’s content at department stores like Manor or ateliers of luxury watchmakers on Schwanenplatz or even at the pretty Christmas markets. In classic Swiss fashion, Lucerne offers you ample opportunities to indulge in some luxury goods shopping along with some cheap and cheerful souvenir shopping. Shopping for food items like pralines, chocolates and Swiss cakes should also be on your list of items to buy in Lucerne. So, come and take a look at what to buy in Lucerne, Switzerland.

1. Swiss knives

Swiss knives are legendary for their sharpness, strength and durability. Made famous as ‘Swiss army knives’, these are available at various shops in the old town of Lucerne. The multi-utility versions of Swiss army knives make a great gift for the seasoned traveler or the camping-addict. The Swiss kitchen knives are a must-have in any home. While you’re in Lucerne, why not just get a Swiss knife for yourself from the brand new Victorinox store as a souvenir of your Swiss adventures?

2. Cuckoo clocks

When it comes to timekeeping, is there any other higher authority than the legendary Swiss watchmakers? Cuckoo clocks are a direct product of this watchmaking expertise. The clocks are uniquely Swiss and should definitely be on your list of things to buy in Lucerne. The quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into making these cuckoo clocks can sometimes put them on the pricier side of things. But you will be taking home a truly artisanal piece. A Swiss-made cuckoo clock will hold a place of pride in our home. If you don’t want to break the bank on a cuckoo clock, have no fear: there are plenty of affordable versions at souvenir shops all over Lucerne.

3. Cowbells

Cowbells – the ubiquitous Swiss souvenir, something that every tourist picks up in Switzerland, be it a backpacker, a tour group or a bespoke traveler! Cowbells are sold in all sizes in most souvenir shops in Lucerne. Some shops can even customize a cowbell to make it your personal and unique Swiss souvenir. When in Lucerne, make sure you pick up a few small cowbells to gift your friends and family.

4. Women’s fashion

A quick stroll through the alleys and squares of Lucerne and you’re sure to spot local women wearing the trendiest clothes. Lucerne offers an extraordinary range of fashion boutiques, department stores and high-street brands to cater to every type of shopper. Many niche boutiques like Boutique Mai focus on local designers but showcase a good selection of international designers too. For all the runway fashionistas, the Lucerne outlet of the famous Swiss fashion house of Vögele is a must-visit spot. Department stores like Greider and Manor will satisfy any shopaholic’s needs.

5. Pralines and chocolates

Have you even been to Lucerne if you don’t show up back at the office with a box of Swiss chocolates for the team? Luckily, you don’t have to try too hard to find some delicious pralines and chocolates in Lucerne. Choose from a bar of rich dark chocolate or melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles or delectable pralines at the various chocolatiers in Lucerne. You can even buy customized gift boxes containing a mix of different pralines and chocolates. Max Chocolatier in Lucerne seems to be a favorite with locals and tourists alike. A quick stop at the store and you’re guaranteed to walk out with a bagful of chocolate goodies!

6. Swiss cakes

Swiss cakes like the Wassertürmli, Lebkuchen, Lucerne Torte, and Linzer Tart are specialties of Lucerne, their recipes passed down through generations among the bakers. Strolling through the city, it is impossible to escape the aromas of these baked-goodies. When in Lucerne, do sample these special cakes or opt for the yummy Swiss chocolate cakes at bakeries, cafes, and restaurants all over Lucerne.

7. Swiss handicraft

The craftsmen at the ateliers in Lucerne are masters of traditional handicraft. Some of the finest Swiss handicraft items like music boxes, nativity scenes, toys and hand-carved decorations are lovingly made at these workshops. And you won’t have to go too far to buy these Swiss handicraft items in Lucerne; they’re available in almost all the souvenir shops and specialty shops in Lucerne.

8. Swiss crosses

Another uniquely Swiss item is the Swiss cross. You might recognize the cross on the flag of Switzerland, the logo of the Red Cross and Victorinox Swiss Army knives. In Lucerne, you can buy many souvenir items like fashion accessories, toys, bells, books, mugs, and fondue sets with Swiss crosses on them. These Swiss crosses can also be seen on a range of home essentials like cushion covers, napkins, rugs, etc. Take home some fun Swiss crosses to remind you of your time in Lucerne.

The best of shopping in Lucerne, Switzerland
Luxury stores, boutiques and department stores are not the only spots to shop at in Lucerne; there are also many Christmas markets and handicrafts markets that offer excellent local shopping opportunities. Keep the above list handy and you’re all set to go shopping in Lucerne, Switzerland!

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