What is Fall in Hawaii Like? Take a Look at These Gorgeous Pictures


Well, for one thing, Hawaii is just barely in the Northern Hemisphere, so their seasons line up with the rest of the country. Fall in Hawaii marks the beginning of the rainy season. The weather is still mild overall, however, still making it a great destination vacation for those wanting an escape. The rains typically fall during the night. So, the worst-case scenario is having to fall asleep to the gentle sounds of falling tropical rain. Actually fall in Hawaii sounds pretty good. Doesn’t it?

1. Ahhh, Hawaii in the Fall


The days of summer are over, but you really wouldn’t notice it in Hawaii. The ocean waters are still perfect for swimming and other water sports and the beaches are still warm. All the things you could do in Hawaii during the summer can be done in the fall and even winter.

2. Look at the Gorgeous Colors of Fall


Hmmm, actually… Now that we think about it, you can see these colors each evening. There’s still plenty of orange and yellow though. You’re just not going to get the falling leaves and dead trees. Hawaii is a tropical region, so plant life is abundant and vibrantly green all year long.

3. Is Jack Frost Planning a Visit?


Everyone loves fall, but we all know what comes next. Well, it doesn’t really happen in Hawaii. Though they’re in their rainy season, Jack Frost is just too busy up north to pay much attention to it. Imagine that, ignoring Hawaii.

4. Do You Think the Breeze on This Beach is Chilly?


Maybe you should take a light jacket – just in case… Actually, don’t even worry about it. Just get out there and have a good time like you’re supposed to.

5. Okay, So Maybe the Stereotypical Autumn Isn’t for Everyone


Why not visit a place that keeps you toasty warm and has tons of beautiful colors on display year-round?

Summer, fall, winter, or spring, Hawaii has you covered!

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