Watch Pod Of Kind Beluga Whales Adopt A Lone Narwhal


This is the moment a pod of beluga whales adopted a narwhal and saved it from certain d.e.a.t.h.

The footage was shown on the show “Secrets of the Whales.” Brian Armstrong, the show’s director said, “the whales didn’t get the script, so you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.”

“The beluga choosing to adopt this other species is really something quite extraordinary,” Armstrong said. “We can learn a lot by watching these whales. How do you describe that other than compassion?”

“The weather has to be right, you need sunlight to penetrate the waves… you need the whales to show up and you need them to do something. The complexity is exponentially harder than something on land.”

“You go in with a wish list, and then it gets thrown out almost on day one,” Armstrong said.


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