Video: Adorable Moment Where Elephant Herd Saves Baby Elephant From Drowning


This is the adorable moment where a heard of elephants step in to help a young elephant from a river.
The herd had stopped to drink, but when the little elephant went to drink the dirt gave out beneath his feet and he fell into the water.

Unable to get out the water the tiny elephant is quickly surrounded by the herd, who first try to pull out the elephant and then one climbs in to push the baby out.

The footage was captured by Jaques Joubert, 55, and Michelle Broadhurst, 49, in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Jaques said: “We were watching this group of elephants having a drink after a very hot day. The baby also tried to drink but unfortunately while trying to reach the water the waterhole’s dirt wall gave way under his front legs and he fell into the water.

“At first his mom did not seem to be too worried but soon realised he will not be able to get out by himself. She never panicked and at first tried to support him with her trunk to pull him out but that did not work, then she calmly climbed into the water and pushed him out with her trunk and tusks.

“Through this whole ordeal the rest of the group seemed very restless and worried but mom kept it together.

“I was ready to call the rangers to come and help the poor baby but realised mom had it all under control. Elephants are amazing animals and humans can learn so much from them. Their support system is unbelievable.

“Amazing to see how they protect their young.

“We spend a lot of time in Kruger National Park and our main purpose is wildlife photography with the emphasis on elephants.

“The Kruger National Park is our destination of choice and as a result we spend a considerable amount of time in the park each year.”


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