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As one of Canada’s largest national parks, Gros Morne National Park is fairly unknown to tourists. It’s a shame because the Newfoundland coastline is literally a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts. Featuring stunning mountains and enchanting fjords, visitors can camp on the

Kayak the Trout River Pond

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Accessible only by walking, the Trout River Pond Trail in the Tablelands is one of the premier locations for visitors. After you’ve staked your claim on a few of the red chairs park staff typically leave around the area, opt-in for a kayaking excursion. The Trout River Pond offers some of the best views of the fjords, has some of the calmest waters, and is easily accessible from several campsites in the area.

Rent a Cabin in the Woods

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Pick your poison — Gros Morne has a view that will strike anyone’s fancy. The park includes both front and backcountry campsites right next to hiking trails and ponds, but if you simply like the idea of camping (and not the hassle that comes with it), there is a solution. It’s called the oTENTik. The space has a summer camp vibe that offers a tent ambiance with cabin amenities.

Embrace the Winter Wonderland

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Eventually, the cold will come; it is the Great White North, after all. But once the snow has settled, rent a pair of skis or snowshoes and set out on a cross-country expedition. Park representatives say the best views can be found along the Lone Range Mountains from mid-January through late March. If you’re a newbie, you can trot along the Lowlands (without stressing about keeping up with the pros).

Walk Where the Vikings Did

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It’s a rare feat to double as a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but Gros Morne is nothing short of extraordinary. Legend has it that the Vikings once walked through the fjords and paddled up and down the waterways. After crossing the Green Gardens to the top of the Gros Morne Mountain, we bet you’ll find it believable.

Frolic in the Fjords

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Make your way to the breathtaking fjords that are the cornerstone of the park itself. The sweeping views resemble ones you’d expect to find in Nordic countries, offering you a trip across the pond without leaving North America. The full-day trek up Gros Morne Summit can be challenging, but you can still score amazing views (without the hills) by hiking the Western Brook Pond.

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