Two Hidden Austrian Gems You Probably Didn’t Know About


Whenever someone mentions Austria’s most popular vacation spots, the cities of Vienna and Salzburg usually turn up. But there is much more that Austria offers such as its ski slopes and resorts, hidden town and villages nestled between the Alps. And then there are the towns of Zell am See and Bad Gastein, two beautiful spots off the beaten path.

Zell am See

The name reminds you of a mystical place, sometimes described as a heavenly place. Nobody will argue with that. Zell am See is a wonderland nestled within the Austrian Alps. Among magnificent mountain ranges situated on one side and a magnificent lake on the other side, the town appears as if it jumped off a postcard. Pictures don’t do it justice, the town is absolutely that beautiful. During the winter season, Zell am See is focused on skiing and other outdoor activities.

During the summer months, a person can relax on the lake while taking in the fresh air, camping out, or perhaps go for a hike in the mountains. One spot that should not be overlooked are the awesome Krimml Waterfalls, Austria’s highest waterfalls. While Zell am See might not be the most affordable destination, it remains a place worth visiting. The most ideal month to visit is during December when skiing conditions are ideal along with a number of winter festivals taking place in the town.

Bad Gastein

Bad Gastein is another spot often overlooked, but don’t let the name fool you. This charming town might lack the popularity of Vienna and Innsbruck but makes up with its friendliness and atmosphere. The town overlooks a valley with spectacular views of the surroundings. Bad Gastein is one of Europe’s great spa towns where emperors once took in treatments.

Today, the town is visited by many famous personalities for its spa features. When it comes to its appearance, visitors will find the town virtually unchanged. The best time to visit Bad Gastein is from the months of December to March. For anyone who is seeking a part of old world Austria, then this is the place to be.


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