Top Tips for Traveling Solo in Austria


When traveling in Europe comes to mind, many of the desired destinations include the big, well-known cities and countries such as Rome, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, etc. Austria is a country that is easily but mistakenly overlooked and you really should consider making this your next solo travel destination. Austria has a unique culture, amazing food and its beauty are evident in the people and the surroundings.

Check out my top tips for exploring Austria independently including places you should visit and general advice about accommodation, where to stay and recommended places to eat and drink on a budget.


Austrian cities maybe some of the best places to travel alone. Typical Austrian cities are not too big, they are very walkable, and because of the nature of the country there is a multitude of things to do, ranging from sipping cappuccinos to going on a hiking excursion or exploring old churches and castles. I urge you even further to see Vienna, but don’t forget about the other cities this country has to offer. My top two cities for solo female travel in Austria are Salzburg and Innsbruck. Here’s why:

Both of these cities know how to slow down. People aren’t rushing around bumping into you or anxious for you to be finished with your coffee so someone else can sit there. These people and places get it. Life isn’t a race. To enjoy something you must sit in the moment and linger here or there.


Altstadt Salzburg - Wikipedia

Salzburg is famous for the Sound of Music, and rightly so. The hills are definitely alive with something, whether it be music or magic we will never know. Salzburg is perfect for a female solo traveler because it is small enough to leisurely see everything you need to in just a few days. The main highlights of the city are relatively inexpensive as well; the Mirabell Gardens and the Hohensalzburg Fortress are my top two picks.


The Top Things to See and Do in Innsbruck, Austria

Innsbruck is smaller than Salzburg and is a University town, so there are a lot of young people around to people watch and talk to. Innsbruck is closer to the mountains and there are incredible views from the center of the city, which is surprisingly full of ornate and colorful old buildings. It is a city that can be seen and appreciated at a relatively low cost.

Honestly, the best way to enjoy your days are to buy some fresh bread and cheese and have picnics in the park or slowly drink a blond beer next to the glimmer of the multicolored houses reflected in the river. The Golden Roof, the Hofgarten, the Cathedral of St. James and the Insbrucker Nordkettenbahnen are all good ways to spend your time and money.


Rent a room at a B&B or better yet, stay at a hostel or couchsurf to meet people, grab a map and do whatever your solo traveler’s heart desires.

Food & Drink

Austria knows food. They can dish out a perfectly fluffy and moist cake, tender and juicy meat, and brew a superior beer. If you leave Austria without having an apple strudel or a cappuccino or even better, both of them together, you have made a mistake. Make a point to sit down, people watch and sip a cappuccino on the river’s edge. Then smile to yourself because you are in Austria.


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