Top DO’s and DON’Ts when traveling in Switzerland


Switzerland is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with Zurich and Geneva lined up as the second and third-highest quality of life cities in the world. The Swiss are relatively reserved, polite, and helpful people, but quite sporadic with highly respected privacy.

Respect their culture and etiquette, and remember the following travel tips in Switzerland.

Things to do

* Respect the traditional Swiss greeting with three kisses on the cheek, although a handshake is a standard in the first meeting.

* Please appreciate tolerance and patience in Switzerland. Switzerland is quite sporadic, let them follow their rhythm.

* Don’t ask for your tax-free shopping check and get the VAT back if your purchase cost is at least CHF. 500. Switzerland is a shopper’s paradise with many things irresistible around.

* Dress neatly and neatly. A business suit and tie for men, and a suit or dress for women.

* German (German-Swiss), a dialect that even Germans do not understand.

* Do you realize that German, French and Italian are widely used in Switzerland and Romansch is spoken in separate bags. Many French around the West and South are Italian. Other fields are more German-style, but say Schweiz-

* Hold both hands on the table during meals, but keep the elbow off the table. Eat everything from your plate and place the knife and fork side by side at 5:25 when you finish eating.

* Do not punctuate a dinner party, although a 15-minute delay is acceptable. Do not send flowers to your landlord before a party or the next day, along with a thank you.

* Do not use a fork to cut foods like salads and potatoes instead of knives and hands to break bread, but most other foods should be eaten with utensils.

Tuition Fees in Switzerland

Things not to do

* Don’t call someone by their name until invited to do so. Use surnames and alternative titles.

* But avoid white daisies and white lilies for funerals.

* Do not speak loudly in public places, especially on mobile phones. It is no noise or a joke. As a rule, Switzerland does not like noise and does not like other people making jokes about them.

* No personal questions, such as salary, age or religion. Switzerland respects high privacy.

* Don’t walk unless you think you’re fit. Bring jogging pants or any lightweight shoes.

* Don’t feel obliged to tip. A service fee included in restaurants and hotels.

* Not giving expensive or extravagant gifts can be considered difficult or bribing. Also don’t give anything sharp, such as knives or scissors, which means cutting off a friendship. Wine, high-quality chocolates, or flowers are good gifts.

* Don’t eat out can be very expensive. Make lunch for your main meal of the day. The same meals in the evening doubled.

* Don’t drink until after the landlord provides the first toast. Don’t ask salt and pepper if it’s not on the table yet.

* Don’t put your hands in your pockets when talking to people. Also do not chew gum, litter, or clean your nails in public places.


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