Top Cities Of The Netherlands That Travellers Must Visit On A Vacation

The Netherlands

While one of the smallest countries in Europe, the Netherlands provides other positive reasons for travelers. There are sightseeing opportunities throughout, and it is incredibly convenient, not to mention the limited size of the region, to travel around thanks to a superb rail and road network. One of the most popular aspects in the Netherlands is getting a few jumping cities.

One of the popular tourist attractions in our list of major cities the Netherlands is conveniently accessible by public transit, sometimes in less than one hour’s travel time. The Netherlands is also a pleasant holiday option with its vibrant nightlife, stunning scenery, and moderate principles. It created several magnificent towns, and today Amsterdam took its entire glory as a global leader in the 16th and 17th centuries. Check out the list of top cities to visit in the Netherlands and plan your vacation with the favourite ones!


Arnhem - Activities in Arnhem - These are the best tips -

Firstly, one of the top cities of the Netherlands. You should be interested in Arnhem if you’re involved in military culture. There in September 1944, there was the notorious Battle of Arnhem. During an attempt to travel to Berlin, the allies attempted and struggled to take what is now considered the John Frost Bridge. About 2,000 Allies and about 1,300 German soldiers died in this combat and almost 500 Dutch people. In 1944 there was a violent fight between British paratroopers and German defenders, along the city’s vital Rhine River Bridge, which traces can be still seen today. Yet even more than the tension portrayed in A Bridge Too Far is to be found here.


Gouda with syrup waffles package | Accessible Travel Netherlands

Naturally, Gouda is a paradise for cheese-lovers, but did you know that the town is famous for its wafers and pottery too? The market here is the complete festival of Dutch items – national dresses, clogs, massive wheels of cheese and popular crafts, plus vendors and farmers shaking hands together once they enter an agreement. Interestingly, now all over Starbucks Stroopwafel was created right here in the 19th century.


Visit Utrecht - The best things to do -

The narrow canals of Utrecht, one of the oldest cities in the country rounded by its quaint medieval, overlook the exciting Domkerk cathedral. Most of the ancient architecture here, well restored and mostly clear of traffic, rendering visiting the quaint Old Town neighbourhood an enjoyable activity on foot. The Speelklok Museum, solely devoted to the Music Clock, the Centraal Museum with art collections. The artefacts in the city and the Railway Museum has antique motors and rolling stock, also are some of the other must-see attractions of Utrecht.


Why Rotterdam is better than Amsterdam (and should be your next city break)

One of the top cities of the Netherlands one must-visit! You should visit Amsterdam for its history, but Rotterdam is the location for amateurs in architecture. Rotterdam is also Europe’s leading port and has emigrated to New York or New Amsterdam as once called among ambitious Dutch families. In the Maritime Museum, you can read more about the nautical heritage of Rotterdam. Rotterdam is a vibrant and exciting town with great museums and cultural attractions. Of course, the place has great restaurants and beverages perfect for this big community.

The Hague

Why You Should Spend A Royal Weekend In The Hague

The Hague is the central court of the capital, containing houses of mid-13th century architecture. You can visit the majestic ancient houses once part of the aristocracy and now serves as the home of the Parliament of the country. The Hague is the exact opposite of Rotterdam, one of the biggest towns in the Netherlands. The Netherlands royal family stays here and the town has tall, beautiful villas, beautiful parks and open streets. Everything it lacks in sophistication allows it effortlessly laid-back style, so for fine dining, it’s a perfect place to explore. Cities of the Netherlands are beautiful and don’t miss out to visit The Hague.


The museum town of the Netherlands: 14 great museums to visit in Leiden –  DutchReview

Leiden is a perfect day ride, because it has lots to see and do as it is near to Amsterdam. It is a pleasure to visit the historical core of the region. Leiden has an array of canals, houses from the 17th century and small streets that make her feel beautiful. You can visit several fantastic museums in and around the place. Explore the fields below, and you will obtain an amazing image of these vivid flowers developing into thousands of humans and waiting to fly across the globe.


3x restaurants in Nijmegen -

Situated at the banks of the Waal River, Nijmegen, one of the oldest towns in the world, but in the Second World War sadly several of its old houses were demolished. Nevertheless, all of them have been restored and several good structures are still at the centre. Some of the greatest activities to do is to stroll along the stunning riverbank promenade. You can see the world go by with the wide students who bring life into this ancient location. The Valkhof, a rather pleasant park, includes an area that was once protected by Charlemagne. Nijmegen, one of the best cities of the Netherlands has a lot of history behind it!


Eindhoven - Wikipedia

Lastly, don’t miss out on this on the list of must-visit cities of the Netherlands! Well-known as the birthplace of Philips, Eindhoven offers travellers a great deal of pleasure. Discover its various ties to the art community to top our list of favourite encounters in the “capital of colour”. Start with a tour of the Abbemuseum of Van, a gallery where significant works of contemporary art. World-leading artists, including Pablo Picasso, begin your exploration of the city’s wealth of cultural heritage. There’s a lot of work in development and manufacturing in this region. It is the centre of Netherlands architecture. There are few excuses to travel if you are not employed here, with most citizens in Eindhoven overnight only before you get an early train.

All set to pack your bags? Get ready to visit the top cities of the Netherlands and experience the best of Europe! Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings to the Netherlands. This memorable experience will be filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences. We at Pickyourtrail make sure the best travel experience is put into crafting your itinerary with lots of fun. Also, check out some of the best honeymoon packages to Europe. Start planning and Happy travelling! Also, feel free to leave a Whatsapp inquiry for any queries!



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