Top 4 Shopping Malls In Queenstown, New Zealand

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The best malls in the world offer shoppers a great selection of stores, a wide variety of restaurants, and enough space to breathe. These shopping hubs are also equipped with recreational facilities to pass the time. In this list of New Zealand’s best retail outlets, you will not be frustrated with parking. Housed in these malls are iconic brands, fashion boutiques with a global scope, home appliance centers, and souvenir shops with novelty items to bring home. Whether you are a tourist or a resident who is looking for a new place to eat out or buy groceries and supplies, here are the top shopping malls in Queenstown, New Zealand, that you should check out.

1. Remarkables Park Town Centre

Stores – Remarkables Park Town Centre Remarkables Park Town Centre | Official Queenstown Website

A modern mall with all the amenities you expect from a shopping center shouldn’t be so near a mountain range. Well, this mall is at the foot of the Remarkables mountain range as it is, on Hawthorne Drive. You won’t have trouble parking here. No need to worry about feeling cramped at Remarkables Park Town Centre. The environment is vibrant, open, and fresh. The mall is highly accessible because it’s on the bus route. It’s also quite near the airport. There’s more to this shopping mall than housing top brands and affordable options. The mall staff is always happy to help in case you encounter an issue while shopping. Do not hesitate to approach the security team as well. And here’s a bonus for parents. The mall has a parents’ room and changing facility where you can sit and attend to the needs of your children. Use it well.

2. Queenstown Mall

A Shopping Guide to Queenstown, New Zealand

For tourists looking for New Zealand souvenirs, Queenstown Mall is a top spot. The commercial street is already popular among locals because all basic commodities for daily life are available here. Don’t expect a rectangular block with rooms full of shops on Mall Street. Instead, look forward to exploring parallel alleys with retail shops, cafes, and restaurants, most of which have alfresco dining areas. Tourists love it here, and you will too. Travelers who go on holiday to New Zealand expecting to breathe clean air and enjoy the wide, open spaces won’t be disappointed at Queenstown Mall.

3. Five Mile Shopping Centre

Five Mile Retail Centre Queenstown - e-architect

How does 1,000 parking slots sound like to you? You’d better believe it. If you are determined not to spend another minute driving around for the serendipitous opening of a parking space, then Five Mile Shopping Centre is the place to be. Located along Grant Road, this shopping complex has a supermarket, warehouse, and even an electrical store. There are banks, pharmacies, medical clinics, and lawyer offices too. Take note that healthcare services at Five Mile Shopping Centre are top of the line. It’s a great place for shopping, but there’s more indeed. In between your purchase runs to retail stores, you can tick off other errands as well.

4. O’Connells Shopping Centre

O'Connells - The Heart Of Queenstown » Skyline Enterprises

Four levels of shopping and a great food court—O’Connells Shopping Centre is known for these things. It stands proud on Corner Camp and Beach streets. Here, you will find handmade souvenirs and a wide variety of snacks and meals representing a number of local and international cuisines. The shopping mall is located near places of interest, including Queenstown i-SITE Visitor Information Centre, should you need assistance during your stay.

City Centre Queenstown

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Queenstown Trail offers a unique experience, which is shopping in the open air by a lake. City Centre Queenstown is vibrant and welcoming and has plenty of choices for visitors. Reap the benefits of the restaurants’ use of local ingredients. From daybreak to nighttime, local seafood offerings are fresh and affordable. If you’d rather bring your own food, then just prepare a picnic basket. Kick off a relaxing day by spreading a blanket on the grass. There are many potential spots for a memorable day at City Centre Queenstown. When you are well-fed and ready for the next adventure, check out boat trips on Lake Wakatipu. Other watersports activities await your party of vacationers.

Queenstown is a shopper’s haven

Queenstown has a great vibe. You won’t have to go far to shop for basic necessities, eat out well, and enjoy the majesty of the New Zealand landscape. There are at least five excellent malls you need to check out. When you do decide to go to one of them, give it enough time. Every single one is worth the time you invest. They have all you can possibly need and many opportunities for new discoveries as well.


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