Top 10 Things to See and Do in Austria


Found in the middle of Europe, Austria has always been in the center of tumultuous historic events and aristocratic intrigues. Besides, it is embedded in the mountainous Alpine range, thus boasting an abundance of picturesque sites of magnificent nature. See our ten picks of the week, where you should go and what should you do once in this beautiful country.

1. Have fun at Snowbombing in Mayrhofen

Snowbombing 2015: We wouldn't ask Kanye West to headline | The Independent | The Independent

or the fourth year in a row, the festival will take over the picturesque Alps. A week-long festival features numerous artists, musicians, venues and other events. In addition, wonderful views, skiing and snowboarding opportunities attract European youth from an Ibiza-like environment. “Ride & Seek” competition allows to watch professional athletes demonstrating their dangerous stunts on snow.

Why go there?

In between the music and events, visitors can enjoy the Mayrhofen ski area themselves and spend time sliding those great slopes. The festival is taking place in April.

2. Visit Innsbruck

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The capital of Tirol is located in the picturesque Inn Valley. The historic town is surrounded with high mountains, which makes it a very popular winter sports spot: it even has hosted a few Winter Olympics. Today visitors can find an abundance of historic monuments and buildings. After all Innsbruck has always been in the middle of turbulent historic years.

Why go there?

One can find historic architecture, museums and vibrant urban life as well as unspoiled nature and world quality resorts here. Innsbruck is a great holiday destination for those, who are willing to explore, discover and learn as well as have fun outdoors.

3. Go to Admont Abbey Library

Bibliothèque de l'abbaye d'Admont, Autriche - blog Opodo | Architecture baroque, Bibliotheque, Bénédictin

A Benedictine monastery on the Enns River itself is a wonderful architectural ensemble surrounded with the a landscape. The library was built in the 18th century and is the largest monastic library in the world. Ceilings and cupolas are decorated with frescoes, the light is reflected by gold, thus creating an overwhelming effect.

Why go there?

The entire complex is worth visiting, with this rococo library being one of the most stunning sites.

4. Go Winter Hiking in Eisriesenwelt

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At 42 km long, it is the biggest ice cave in the world. Loved by the tourists, the cave provides very exciting sites. The guided tours will provide information about its formation. The trip from Salzburg to the caves is also very scenic.

Why go there?

One of the most important ice caves in the world and yet easily accessible allows anyone to explore and admire it.

5. Ski in Arlberg

Hotel Arlberg Hospiz in St Christoph

A lot of popular ski resorts are embedded in this mountain range. It is called a cradle of skiing in the Alps, since Hannes Schneider has opened a ski school, that revolutionized skiing techniques. Moreover a first winter use cable car was built in St. Anton – one of the five Arlberg villages, that the ski resort comprises.

Why go there?

Both professionals and beginners love Arlberg. The Ski Club Arlberg is one of the oldest ski clubs in the world, whose members include Olympic and world champions. The resort provides wonderful trails, gear and impeccable service.

6. View Schlegeis Lake

Fietsvakantie groepsreis

The Zillertal valley in Tyrol is a striking place, full of lakes. Schlegeis and other four are artificial lakes that are surrounded by mountains, thus creating this staggering landscape. Climbing and hiking in these amazing surroundings are the most popular activities.

Why go there?

Schlegeis Alpine Road is 13.3 km long and begins at 1 km above sea level. Many twists and turns run through stunning places and four natural rock tunnels. Visitors are even offered a power plant tour, which introduces the dam.

7. Have a Romantic Weekend in Hallstatt

Hallstatt - Idyllic Village of Plenty Fun Activities, Austria | Places To See In Your Lifetime

Situated on the banks of the Hallstätter lake, the idyllic village has a very long history, that dates back thousands of years. The visitors can learn about its history at the Hallstatt Museum. In winter the village attracts skiers and snowboarders, who come to enjoy the snow and mountains. The salt mine and its tower, from which a gorgeous panoramic views open, offers a fun day trip for the families.

Why go there?

The picturesque village offers a surprising amount of all year-round activities: from winter sports to hiking, biking, boating and swimming in the lake in summer.

8. Visit Salzburg

Rund um den Kirchenwirt – Hotel Kirchenwirt

The historic city offers a variety of cultural events and sites as well as an abundance of great historic architecture. The iconic “The Sound of Music” was shot in magnificent Salzburg. Embedded in the Alpine surroundings, Salzburg has always been a tourist attraction. The town is also famous for being a birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Why go there?

Salzburg has always been a cultural hub. The are various tours around the city, which boasts an abundance of historic monuments and architecture. And of course there are special “The Sound of Music” tours, that take around the film locations.

9. Climb Grossglockner

Willkommen - Traumurlaub im Bio-Bergbauernhof am Fuße des Großglockners

The highest peak in the country is part of the Alpine range and ascents to the height of 3,798 m (12,461 ft). The interesting and unique feature is the pyramid-shaped peak itself, which actually is made of two pinnacles. Surprisingly this is not a very difficult mountain to climb: although you have to have some experience, the route is graded PD+, which translates as not difficult.

Why go there?

High Alpine Road passes the summit, which is best approached from the Franz-Josefs-Höhe viewpoint and attracts around 1 million visitors each year!

10. Go to Vienna

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The largest city and capital of Austria is a must see. Its immense historic heritage and vibrant life attract almost 4 million tourists every year! An abundance of museums, music venues, events and great architecture is among the most popular attractions. Meanwhile restaurants and cafes, that count hundred of years of history, welcome guests after their exciting day around the city.

Why go there?

You simply can avoid coming to Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the cultural center and inspiring place for anyone anytime.


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