Top 10 Sushi Restaurants In Honolulu, Hawaii


Honolulu is a favorite destination among holiday-makers as it draws you in with its flawless white sandy beaches, the vibrant shades of turquoise water and towering palm trees. The central neighborhood of Honolulu is made up of a buzzing nightlife with comprehensive gastronomy, and an array of high-rise hotels. Expect to be marveled by the backdrop of extinct volcanos seen from the horizons. Seafood lovers will enjoy the fresh variety of ocean delicacies one can expect to find in this capital. Take a look at some of these top sushi restaurants in Honolulu, that are a must visit for visitors coming to the city.

1. Sushi Sasabune

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This casual and elegant restaurant located in Honolulu welcomes dinner guests looking to experience pure, well-crafted sushi with a twist. The award-winning restaurant serves their Japanese delicacy a little differently from your conventional sushi eateries. They have gone away from the soy and the wasabi, without compromising on flavor. You will not find the traditional California roll on the menu, however, you can expect to indulge in fresh Nigiri and sashimi, among other chef specialties. Diners will experience an intimate setting that caters to 50 visitors at a time.

2. Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar

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The adventurous chef at Sansei will introduce your palate to vibrant unconventional flavors that he incorporates to his seafood dishes. The sushi here is a harmonious combination of Hawaii meets Japan. The worldly fusion is delicious and contemporary with a variety of textures and tastes will take you on a journey of Chef Dave’s travels.

3. Shokudo Japanese Restaurant & Bar

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This design-inspired restaurant takes you to the high-end streets of Tokyo with its architectural style and decor. The restaurant has a casual dining experience where sushi lovers will be spoilt for choice with a wide selection of dishes to choose from the elaborate menu. Expect to find everything from traditional sushi to new wave options that encompass foreign flavors. The restaurant boasts a chic floating restaurant that serves delicious cocktails and sake.

4. Sushi II

Sushi Avocado Shrimp

The intimate restaurant located in the Samsung Plaza on Keeaumoku Street is classified by locals as a hidden gem in Honolulu. The dishes here are prepared with special attention to detail, and you will find that choosing your omakse proving to be a challenge. The temperature of the sushi is perfection with consistent texture. They serve the finest cuts of fish that are above average in size. The staff is warm and welcoming, and are attentive to your needs when giving meal recommendations.

5. Morio’s Sushi Bistro

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This Japanese cafe serves the perfect dishes that pair well with good sake. Morio’s bistro is great for a casual dining experience with friends and the servers pay special attention to detail. The chef prepares a wide selection of treats from tempura sushi balls to mouth-watering, hand loaded hand rolls and sashimi.

6. Sushi Murayama

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Sushi Murayama prides itself in the use of quality ingredients, imported directly from Japan to give you authentic flavors. The soy sauce is made in house and the handroll is served on toasted seaweed. They have delicious yellowtail sashimi, served with jalapeno yuzu ponzu or try out the mini sashimi fish tacos.

7. Doraku

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To create a truly authentic experience, the restaurant was modeled after an Izakaya, which is a Japanese gastropub. The Izakaya style of serving food is specially designed to be shared among friends. Their menu is a mix of popular items like sushi and more inventive fusion dishes. You will not only find your favorite sushi dishes but you can select meals from the hot and cold menu as well. Of course, no Japanese dish is complete without pairing your meal with the traditional rice wine beverage – sake.

8. Sushi Izakaya Gaku

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Right in the heart of Honolulu, lies a social gathering place where a cosmopolitan crowd gathers to enjoy unique flavors from the ocean. The sushi is served Izakaya style and there is a number of yummy treats for one to enjoy. Starters include the traditional assorted sashimi plates while entrées consist of a huge selection of sushi rolls. These range from traditional offerings like California, spider, spicy tuna, and Alaska rolls to more exotic offerings like the Yamaimo which has mountain yam, plum and shiso leaves.

9. Yoshitsune

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Sushi & traditional Japanese food served in a subdued venue at the Park Shore Waikiki Hotel. The restaurant boasts an amazing seating area for large groups where diners get to remove their shoes and sit on cushions on the floor around a low table. You can also sit at a standard restaurant table and enjoy the amazing food offerings.

10. Yanagi Sushi

Sushi Deluxe at Sushi Ten

This restaurant specializes in offering sushi lovers the freshest and tastiest sushi in town. The chef received his training in Japan and decided to bring his expertise to serve the people of Honolulu. The sashimi and sushi menu includes combination sashimi, combination nigiri sushi, chirashi sushi and omakase. Patrons can also order sushi from the restaurant’s sushi à la carte menu.

Come enjoy the tastiest sushi in town

If you are looking to try out the best sushi that Hawaii has to offer, then look no further than this list of top 10 sushi restaurants in Honolulu. The flavors are authentic and innovative, offering you a wide selection of traditional options to new age sushi.


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