Top 10 Shopping Malls In Germany


When it comes to attractions and unmatchable cultural sights, Germany often bags the top position in the European continent. There are bountiful options when it comes to sightseeing in Germany. Apart from many of its historic sights and scenic attractions, Germany also has many shopping malls that you can enjoy exploring. Although the shopping scene in Germany is not world-famous, the country has several shopping malls that have many world-class luxury brand outlets. There are also popular shopping streets in this country that you can explore for souvenir shopping. Satisfy the shopaholic in you by exploring the top shopping malls in Germany.

1. Mall of Berlin

Mall of Berlin 2

Mall of Berlin is located in the vibrant metropolitan area of the German capital. This mall has grown to be one of the top tourist attractions for fashion and lifestyle in Germany. The mall is easily accessible by all means of public transport which makes it the best hangout Tspot among youngsters. Mall of Berlin is also a historic destination that holds the opening of its first department store in the year 1876. Today, there are about 225 branded stores and outlets for fashion and lifestyle products in this mall.

2. Aquis Plaza

Aquis Plaza rush of customers

Aquis Plaza is an upscale modern shopping mall with more than 130 brand stores and a large parking space. This shopping mall has a 3D guidance system than ensures that you do not get lost or confused in this big mall. There is a big food court that has many restaurants, eateries, and stalls serving delicious local foods, fast foods, halal foods, and international cuisines. This mall is a family-friendly space with children’s playground, kid car rental, and many other services. The modern architecture of the Aquis Plaza spreading across 22,000 sq ft (2043.8 sqm) itself is a major attraction.

3. Gesundbrunnen Center Berlin

Gesundbrunnen-Center from Humboldthain

Gesundbrunnen-Center Berlin has been a go-to shopping destination in the city of Berlin for more than 20 years. This indoor shopping mall is touted for its grandeur and more than 100 shops of top luxury brands. There are also many restaurants and a wide array of cafes in this mall where you can relish lip-smacking local food. This mall also has a free parking facility. Check out the stores of your favorite brands like Jack and Jones and H&M at unbelievable discounts in this mall.

4. Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden

Dresden Altmarkt-Galerie access from the Altmarkt (01-2)

Altmarkt-Galerie shopping mall is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city of Dresden, Germany. It is located close to the top attractions of the city such as Frauenkirche, Zwinger, and Residenzschloss. If you are looking for a shopping spree after a busy sight-seeing day, Altmarkt-Galarie Mall is located right across the street for you. This mall has more than 200 shops featuring international brands, many restaurants and cafes serving the best culinary delights in town, and an underground parking facility. Enjoy the unique shopping experience this Dresden Mall is offering for more than 15 years.

5. Wertheim Village

Wertheim Village - panoramio (6)

Escape to this amazing shopping village on the outskirts of the city of Frankfurt. Wertheim Village is home to 110 stores and boutiques offering a maximum of 60 percent discount on their products throughout the year. There are many international dining spaces in this shopping village, which is a hit among the locals as well as tourists. You can also check out the covetable collections of the local brands in this place. The most raved boutique in this shopping village is the Swarowski jewel store where you can pick some amazing crystals. Explore the Wertheim Village shopping space for an entire day of fun.

6. KÖ Shopping Mall

Feilitsch furs, fur shop in Düsseldorf, January 2016 (3)

KÖ Shopping Mall is a stylish shopping destination in Germany. This shopping mall has more than 55 brand outlets set on a multi-level space and modern decor. You can reach the different levels of this mall through escalators in the center or through elevator access. This is a closed shopping mall that offers satisfying shopping experience at all times of the year. You can also unwind in the many restaurants, unique cafes, and eateries on the food court. There is a spacious parking area in the underground level of this mall.

7. MyZeil

Myzeil (16074236710)

Whenever you think of MyZeil shopping mall located at the heart of Frankfurt, Germany, you will be reminded of the curved glass roof and the very long escalator. In fact, this 42-m (137 ft) long escalator is the longest internal escalator in Europe. This mall is spread across five levels and has more than a hundred shops. This mall can accommodate more than 1000 vehicles at a time and attracts more than 15 million visitors throughout the year. While you will be in awe at the stunning architecture of this mall you can also check out the many restaurants and lifestyle boutiques in this place.

8. Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet

Zweibrücken Outlet Center, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors

Zweibrücken Fashion Outlet is a one-stop spot for all your fashion needs. This shopping mall brings the best fashion brands and labels of the world under a single roof. This mall has more than 130 fashion brand outlets from London, Paris, New York, and many other top fashion destinations of the world. There are also many restaurants, fast food outlets, and cafes for a satisfying gastronomical journey on your busy shopping day.

9. Rotmain-Center

Rotmain-Center Bayreuth

Rotmain-Center is home to many world-class brand outlets and fashion stores. This shopping mall is a crowning jewel in Bayreuth, Germany that has many casual dining options having the best tasting food options in town. This shopping center has more than 80 special brand stores. Check out the premium brand stores like Mustang, Camp David, S. Oliver and so on at this spectacular shopping center.

10. Center

CentrO, Germany

CentrO is a popular shopping mall in Oberhausen, Germany that has been attracting visitors for more than 20 years. This shopping mall bags the position of being the largest shopping mall in Germany sprawling across a swanky space 31 acres (12.5 hectares) at the heart of the Neue Mitte commercial district. This shopping center has a vast food court with bountiful food options at all times of the day.


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