Top 10 Indian Restaurants In Interlaken, Switzerland – Updated 2021


Considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland, the city of Interlaken looks something right off a post-card. This mountainous city is surrounded by the Swiss Alps and nestled between two pristine lakes. Home to some of the most beautiful mountain views you’ll ever see, this snowy city can sometimes use a little heat. With a plethora of Indian restaurants in the city, the abundant flavours of Indian cuisine are not too far away. From biryani (mixed rice dish) to curry, you can find some delicious and authentic Indian food right in the heart of Interlaken. With several restaurants lining a single street, you can have the overwhelming task of choosing where to eat. But, fret not! Here is our list of the top Indian restaurants in Interlaken, Switzerland!

1. Taj Palace

If you’re in the mood for real, authentic Indian food, Taj Palace in Interlaken is the place to head to. Located in the west of this Swiss city, this is considered one of the best Indian restaurants in the whole of Interlaken and by the looks of it, Taj Palace totally lives up to the title. Beloved by locals and tourists alike, this little restaurant serves up some delicious butter chicken, garlic naan (flatbread) and a huge array of biryani (mixed rice dish), among an extensive menu. While it may not look super fancy on the inside, with minimal decorations and plain walls, the food will definitely not disappoint. With exquisite food and great service, Taj Palace is a must-visit.

Taj Palace
Address: Rosenstrasse 7, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Opening hours: 12pm – 10:30pm (daily)

2. Rang Mahal

With nothing but great reviews, Rang Mahal is a great source of Indian flavour in Interlaken. Located in the region of Jungfraustrasse, this restaurant offers a wonderful dining experience with delicious food and a cosy ambience. Decorated in simple, homey decor, this dinner restaurant warmly welcomes visitors and introduces them to classic Indian hospitality. Their menu comprises of traditional Indian food, such as samosas (savoury filled pastry), tandoori chicken (roasted chicken) and chicken tikka masala (curry marinated chicken). They also have a wide array of vegetarian options. Combining fine dining and casual vibes, Rang Mahal is the perfect place to eat Indian food and get a feel of Indian culture in the middle of Switzerland.

Rang Mahal
Address: Jungfraustrasse 46, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Opening hours: 5pm – 10pm (daily)

3. Welcome India King

Cơm Jeera và gà cà chua

A casual eating joint in the west of Interlaken, Welcome India King offers fresh and authentic Indian food that’ll be unforgettable. Owned by an Indian family, this restaurant serves a good variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. This restaurant is just a short walk from the Interlaken West train station, making it a good lunch spot for anyone in the area. Jeera rice (rice and cumin seeds), aloo matar (tomato curry) and paratha (flatbread) are just some of the scrumptious dishes you can expect at Welcome India King. They also offer some classic Indian drinks and desserts that are definitely worth a try. So, what are you waiting for? Head down over to this restaurant for an Indian dining experience unlike no other.

Welcome India King
Address: Bahnhofstrasse 22, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Opening hours: 11:30am – 10pm (daily)

4. Maharaja

Considerably one of the most-recognised Indian restaurants in Interlaken, Maharaja provides an authentic Indian experience for all tourists and locals. A quaint restaurant in the corner of the city, this is the perfect place for a hearty meal. Customers can choose from a varied and extensive menu that carries all types of Indian dishes – from delicious main courses, like butter chicken and prawn curry to sweet desserts, like gulab jamun (syrup infused dumplings) and lassi (yogurt drink). Serving up the real taste of India, expect generous portions and great customer service. So, if you’re ever in Interlaken, make sure to stop by Maharaja!

Address: Jungfraustrasse 28, Interlaken 3800 Switzerland
Opening hours: 11am – 10:30pm (daily)

5. Spice Village

If you’re looking for a break from the typical flavours of Swiss cuisine, make sure to stop by the Spice Village for a burst of flavours unlike any other. A well-known spot for locals, this restaurant offers delicious Indian food for inexpensive prices. With distinct dishes you can’t get anywhere else, this a must-visit for anyone looking for flavourful and aromatic food. Beyond authentic Indian cuisine, visitors can expect such a welcoming atmosphere. Showcasing such friendly and accommodating customer service, you’ll feel right at home. The Spice Village is a true gem in Interlaken!

Spice Village
Address: Jungfraustrasse 25, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Opening hours: 11am – 11pm (daily)

6. Taj Mahal

Frequently labelled as the ‘best Indian restaurant’ in Interlaken by local and international reviewers, Taj Mahal is the ideal place for anyone craving good Indian food. With delicious and carefully prepared dishes, this lovely restaurant will surely satisfy hungry customers. With great dishes like chicken tikka masala (curry marinated chicken) and dal makhani (black lentil cream soup), you can’t go wrong with the Taj Mahal. Using primarily halal meat, the restaurant has garnered quite a loyal crowd. Beyond this, the restaurant offers a family environment that’s ready to welcome new members.

Taj Mahal
Address: Marktgasse 20, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Opening hours: 2pm – 11pm (daily)

7. Spice India

Officially the first Indian restaurant in the whole of Interlaken, Spice India still stands today as one of the most popular Indian restaurants in the city. Located in the centre of this mountainous city, this restaurant offers a luxurious dining experience and serves high-end traditional Indian food. With fancy and traditional decor and furniture directly imported from India, it does not get more authentic than this. Coupled with their delicious dishes and generous servings, you’ll be transported right into the bustling city of Delhi. For high-quality food and a culinary experience like no other, make sure to visit Spice India.

Spice India
Address: Postgasse 6, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Opening hours: Mon: 6pm – 10:30pm; Tue – Sun: 2pm – 10:30pm

8. Royal Spice

Indian - Food

Right when you enter this cute little restaurant, you’ll be hit not only by the aroma of authentic Indian food but also by warm hospitality and customer service. With an extensive menu, customers will surely be overwhelmed with Royal Spice’s varied options of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Considered one of the homiest Indian restaurants in the region, this restaurant will leave you with an enjoyable memory of good food and a good time. And, did we mention it’s completely affordable? So, for those budget travellers looking for a wonderful meal in Interlaken, Royal Spice is definitely not one to miss out!

Royal Spice
Address: Centralstrasse 9, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Opening hours: 12pm – 10pm (daily)

9. Taste of India

Rice & Chicken CurryPhoto is only for illustrative purposes

Known as one of the most authentic Indian restaurants in Interlaken, customers will truly get a taste of India. Greeted by warm smiles and the aroma of mixed spices and herbs, expect to enjoy traditional dishes like chicken curry and prawn biryani (prawn rice dish). While the interior and decor are simple and minimal, their food is rich and highly enticing. With great reviews and countless recommendations for this restaurant, Taste of India is definitely a must-visit!

Taste of India
Address: Centralstrasse 6, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Opening hours: 12:30pm – 10pm (daily)

10. Chennai Biryani House

We’ve saved the best for the last. Recognised as one of the best Indian restaurants outside of India, Chennai Biryani House will leave your mouth watering and wanting more. Committed to bringing high quality and authentic Indian flavours to this post-card city, this restaurant serves up delicious meals originating from all regions of India. The restaurant has a frequently rotating menu, which constantly offers customers new dishes and meals to try. Their dum biryani (slowed cooked mixed rice dish), however, is a permanent menu item that’s definitely a customer favourite. With high-quality ingredients and a friendly atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with dining at Chennai Biryani House.

Chennai Biryani House
Address: Blumenstrasse 16, 3800 Interlaken, Switzerland
Opening hours: 12pm – 10pm (daily)



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