Things to do in Neumünster


Neumünster is a city amidst Schleswig-Holstein and over 75,000 occupants and it is the fourth biggest city of the northern state. It was mentioned in 1127 as an Augustinian town. Neumünster was the focal point of the cowhide industry and is since the time a vital transportation center. From 1870, it belongs to the metropolitan district of Hamburg. Things to do in Neumünster are:

1. Old Town Hall

Tòa thị chính cổ - Old Town Hall | Yeudulich

Old Town Hall is placed in Neumünster in the Schleswig-Holstein town of Neumünster. It is found in the downtown area since 1983. The 1898-1900 neo-Gothic style building was expanded a few times. It has true historic surroundings and you will feel like you traveled in the past.

2. Water tower Neumünster

File:Neumuenster Wasserturm-01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons Things to do in Neumünster |

The white-painted water tower of Neumünster is on Christian street. It was built in 1900. The water tower is almost fifty meters high with a huge tank. Its steel tub holds almost one thousand cubic meters of water. The holder is secured by a structure. Tower distance is ten meters at the base. The tower is still completely practical. It is included in the 240 kilometers long pipeline arrangement of the city and serves for the most part to even out the weight in the system.

3. Vicelinkirche

Vicelinkirche (Neumünster, 1834) | Structurae

Vicelinkirche in Neumünster is in the southeast of the most established center Kleinflecken. The stream makes a bow in the focal point of which stands the amazing building, the milestone of the city of Neumünster. The Emporensaal church is the transcendent traditional church in Schleswig-Holstein and it is near this area. It was planned by Christian Frederik Hansen in Copenhagen.

4. Animal park Neumünster

Things to do in Neumünster |

Animal Park is a zoo in Neumünster in Schleswig-Holstein. The recreation center is home to over six hundred creatures from over one hundred and thirty animals and reptile species in a zone of twenty-four hectares. From the polar bear to the mouse, there are numerous intriguing things to look at around here. Experience how penguins live at encouraging habitats too.

5. Cloth and textile art museum

Cloth and textile art museum

Cloth and textile art exhibition hall is a historical center on the historical area in the city of Neumünster in Schleswig-Holstein. It is part of the Foundation Museum and it was renovated in 2007.

Neumunster is a place where you can explore german history and all the ancient buildings in it. Stay at least seven days if you want to have time to visit all of them.


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