Things To Do In Arosa, Switzerland: The Swiss Skiing Wonderland!


The reticent countryside views from a spectacular Swiss landscape, towering snow clad mountains, steep, alpine gorges, and a range of summer and winter fun activities on offer make Arosa one of Switzerland’s favorite holiday destinations. This alluring mountain village is tucked away in the stunning ranges of the Swiss alps. The picturesque Schanfigg Valley, a popular winter wonderland, is home to fascinating Arosa.

1. Obersee, the glistening, turquoise lake

The glistening lakes of Switzerland are a welcome attraction to the zealous traveller. Lake Obersee is one such pristine, turquoise lake, located in the midst of the awesome slopes of Mount Watzmann Massif. A boat ride across the Lake Koenigssee will lead you to Saletalm. Staggering views of gorgeous green valleys all around, in the cradle of lofty alpine mountain ranges, are a sight to behold. An air of heavenly charm and the cool, crimson colors of dawn, take you to an all new world of nature’s bounties. An hour and a half’s hike through the woody trail from Saletalm leads you to Lake Obersee. The best part of this walking trail is the well-laid out roadway and the splendid sights along the route. To add to your delightful trek tour, a further 45-minute walk down to the rock basin will take you to the Rothbach Waterfall, a 470 meter (1,542 foot) sparkling cascade. This spell-binding sight in the heart of the Alpine Swiss Mountains is a treat to your eyes and will remain etched in your memory for a long time to come.

2. Bergoase Spa visit in Tshuggen 

Tschuggen is not only known for its picturesque Alpine Mountain views, but also for its grand Bergoase Spa. This health and wellness spa is located beside the Schuggen Grand Hotel. The spa is an architectural marvel in itself. This all new construction was designed by the world renowned Swiss architect, Mario Botta. The spa is accessible via a gleaming glassy walkway referred to as the ‘Promenade architecturale’ from the hotel. A feeling of having visited a ‘holiday haven’ is bound to set in as soon as you step into this amazing resort.

The interiors are classified into 4 levels. It houses the external sauna, solarium and a swimming pool, accessible to other swimming pools and the spa also houses a hot outdoor pool. The splendidly creative terracing of the spa is an ode to nature itself. The high point of the spa is that it is one of the largest in all of Europe and boasts of a medical team too, who attend to anything from sports related injuries to botox, during winter. The multi facility spa accommodates a well-managed gym, complete with Technogym kinesis equipment and a yoga room. You are bound to come out of the rejuvenating massage session completely detoxed and refreshed. Even though some visitors might find the rates at the spa a shade expensive, they would certainly return cheerfully, having gained their money’s worth.

The approximate rates for a 50 minute full body massage are around 130 CHF (102.55 USD), with a professional 90 minute facial around 180 CHF (140.82 USD). While a 7 night spa package begins from 2,380 CHF (2,940 USD).

3. Plessur Alps

The scintillating ski resorts on the mountain slopes of the Plessur Alps, at a height of up to 2,865 meters (9,400 feet), are a much sought after skiing destination. Skiing resorts in Tschuggen are all accessible by a cable car from Arosa.

4. Weisshorn – The towering summit!

At 4,506 m (14,783 ft), the Weisshorn summit is one of the highest and offers breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. You might find ascending this mighty mountain peak slightly demanding. However, two trails via the Sattelhutte or the Camenna Pass can lead back to Arosa via the meadows in the Alpine ranges. Also, a hike up to Hornli hut would lead you to the cable car stations, that could take you back to the valley. The breathtaking views of nearly 400 Swiss Mountain peaks are a stunning sight from atop the summit. The feeling of having travelled to the top of the world would be an understatement, even as you savor awesome views of Switzerland’s oldest city, ‘Chur’ from here. The summit restaurant attracts huge crowds of tourists. The best place to stay would be at accommodation in and around Arosa, since there is no place to stay at the Weisshorn summit. You could choose to avail mountain rail facilities at Arosa, which are provided free of charge.

5. Annual 11 day comedy fest at Arosa – A laugh riot!

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An annual winter event not to be missed at Arosa is the comedy Humor Festival. This is a laugh riot that unfolds at an altitude of 2,000 m (6,561 ft), amidst the snow-laden mountains. These shows are staged within a circus marquee. The venue is located on the mountain top beside the Tschuggenhutte, away from the ski resort centre of Graubunden. You can reach the venue by taking the gondola, the sledge or the skis from the village, if you are adept at skiing! The resort at Arosa is open from December 2nd to April 18th. The resort receives sunshine all the year through. This ski resort is home to 70 km (43 mi) of pistes and also houses 25 km (15.5 mi) of cross-country ski trails.

6. Ice skating at the rink in the Arosa town centre!

Needless to say, Arosa is one of the favorite holiday destinations during winter, as it houses some of the best sporting resorts in Switzerland. The open air indoor ice skating rink is the place to be between mid-November and mid-April. Training camps are conducted here and the rink is also open for private use. The rink is open from 10am to 5pm daily, until April 2nd. The rink is open for ice skating every Monday and Thursday, between 8pm and 10pm.

7. Weisshorngipfel – the restaurant with the most awesome views!

This Weisshorn Summit Restaurant is the highest mountain restaurant in the region. Here you are treated to magnificent mountain views on your way up via the cable car from Chur to Weisshorn, which will remain etched in your memory for a long time! A meal at this restaurant is quite reasonable. The heavenly setting at this dream locale will leave you feeling you are at a heavenly paradise!

8. The Sunstar Alpine Hotel – A luxurious get away!

As a holiday maker seeking idyllic surroundings, you are not to miss out on a visit to the Sunstar Alpine Hotel. A breath of refreshing air amidst amazing Alpine settings, combined with the eye-catching views of mountain peaks of the Arosa and Untersee, are more than inviting for every visitor. The shopping and other entertainment amenities that this place offers are only a 5 minute walk away from this hotel. You will certainly relish the scrumptious dinner here. The Hotel houses a lavish spa inclusive of an indoor pool, a well-equipped gym and steam rooms. All the activity lovers are in for a sporty time as the hotel offers outdoor activities. The 18-hole golf greens and the ski slopes are a certain addition to your ‘must do’ list.

9. The classic car race – A thrilling experience!

Classic, vintage car enthusiasts are in for a lively time every summer at Arosa, during August – September. This year, the classic car race is scheduled to be held between August 31st and 3rd September 2017. The classic climb hill in Arosa rightly referred to as the ‘Monaco of the mountains’, is transformed into a racing carnival. The starting point of the classic car race would be Langweis, a nearby town from Arosa. You would be a part of the thrilling spectacle, with each sports car zooming speedily through the 7.2 km (4.4 mi) route into the stunning Swiss Alpine setting! Some of the cars that take part are also top notch GT3 worthy automobiles! These cars are driven at astounding speeds. You would be one among the 25,000 strong cheering spectators, rejoicing at the event, which is hailed as a grand event for all car racing enthusiasts the world over!

Arosa, the classy Swiss get away!

Arosa is a quiet, charming town, tucked away in the awesome, scenic Swiss Valley of Schanfigg. This place is your perfect holiday destination, offering you the best of hiking choices, luxury hotels and spa resorts, snow sport activities, fascinating mountain top views and much more! Arosa is certainly rated as one of the top picks on your Swiss holiday list!

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  1. I have never seen so many disinformations, like in this review.
    Just few examples :
    1) Aroser Weisshorn is just 2653m !!!
    2) Trail from Königsee is not leading to Obersee in Arosa , that’s 463 km far away !!!
    3) Top photo of the slope – this slope is not even in Arosa !!!
    4) Rothbach Waterfall is again in Germany, not in Arosa !!!!
    5) Watzmann Massif is by the Königsee in Germany, not in Switzerland !!!!
    6) In ski resort Arosa / Lenzerheide is 225km of slopes , not 70 km !!

    And so on, and so on….
    Editor of this should be kicked in his but . He/she probably have never been in Arosa.

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