There’s No House In The World Like Hawaii Treehouse


Skye, who calls himself The Treehouse Guy, gets the credit for building this awesome treehouse home in Hawaii. Though it might come as a surprise, since Skye is originally from New Jersey, he’s an avid nature lover and has come to have quite the relationship with the volcano near his treehouse. In fact, he’s created two unique treehouse homes in Hawaii that are perfect for nature lovers.

Where Are the Skye Treehouses?

Both of Skye’s treehouses are located near the Kīlauea Volcano on the big island of Hawaii. When building his treehouse homes, Skye took the utmost care that he disturbed nature as little as possible. For example, no trees were cut down during the building process of either of these treehouses. Instead, Skye built around existing trees, incorporating them into his design and allowing them to continue growing.

These treehouses were also built with sustainability in mind. All of the building materials were recycled and the home is powered completely by solar power. Water for showering and drinking is collected rainwater that has been filtered and treated. It’s the definition of eco-friendly!

What Amenities Do Skye’s Treehouses Have?

Some people might expect life in a treehouse to be a bit rough, but that certainly isn’t the case here. The list of amenities here is plenty long. For starters, you’ve got plenty of space to move around. Multiple levels mean that you can hang out among the tops of the Ohia trees, or down in the hapu’u fronds. It’s likely that you’ll find yourself quite comfy in the California King bed which is conveniently situated beneath skylights perfect for stargazing. Climb up the captain’s ladder for even more space and magnificent views.

The Forest Will Embrace You

The treehouse incorporates plenty of glass walls, so practically anywhere you go, there’s plenty of natural light and you’re guaranteed an incredible floor to ceiling view of the surrounding wilderness. The location puts you only a few miles from attractions like Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, but unless you venture out, chances are slim to none that anyone would bother you here. Instead, you’re free to relax in this natural paradise away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Relax inside near the fireplace and take advantage of the small library, DVD collection, or into head into the fully equipped kitchen to prepare some dinner. If the few inches of glass between you and nature are more than you can stand, head outside onto the fifty-foot walkway that meanders through the treetops. String lights illuminate your path as you walk this moss and fern-lined walkway. Head out in the morning to share your coffee with the birds and the rising sun.

Skye put six years of hard work into his treehouse, and he himself called it home for many years. Unfortunately, this unique home isn’t for sale, but you’re more than welcome to book a getaway here. We can always hold out hope that Skye will pass his creation onto a new lucky owner someday, right?


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