The Most Epic Hiking Trails Around Hanover, Germany


Other than being a wonderful city to explore, Hanover is also a great base to embark on exciting hikes. We have compiled a list of spectacular hiking trails around Hanover. The list includes long trails meant for seasoned hikers, easier ones for intermediates, and breezy ones for families. Each trail offers something unique, be it gorgeous views, pilgrimage monasteries, glimpses of beautiful towns and cities, and even wild boars! Lace-up your hiking boots and set off on a memorable adventure.

Steinhuder Meer trail

This hiking trail meanders along the gorgeous lake Steinhuder Meer, located in the middle of the Steinhuder Meer Nature Park conservation area. The trail connects the picturesque lake towns of Steinhude in the south and Mardorf in the north. You can enhance your hike with thrilling water sports at the lake, a visit to the Toy Museum and Butterfly Farm at Steinhude, and checking out the beautiful half-timbered structures and the lovely beach at Mardorf.

Distance: 19 mi/30.4 Km; Level: Difficult

Deister Mountain trail

The Deister Mountain Range is the Hanover region’s unspoiled wooded recreational and hiking area. This hiking trail starts at Wennigser Mark and winds along the stream up to the Deister-Kammweg. En route, you are rewarded for your efforts with stunning views across the countryside from the 30 meters (98 foot) high observation deck of Annaturm. Perhaps you would also want to treat yourself to a wonderful meal atop the tower before continuing on your way to Nordmannsturm, a 19 meter (62 foot) high lookout tower.

Distance: 9.3 mi/15.1 Km; Level: Difficult

During Berg trail


This trail snakes from the car park “Alter Teichsweg” through the Duinger Berg over Coppengrave to the Alte Köthe. As you approach Coppengrave, you can feast your eyes on beautiful views of Hils and Ith, as well as Dungen. As you hike on, you will find many beautiful spots to photograph, seating areas to catch your breath, and gastronomic options. Other stops in this route include the Krubben Mill and the Pottlandmuseum.

Distance: 7.6 mi/12.3 Km; Level: Moderate

Tomar trail

This is an easy hike that is suitable even for beginners and children, but it is also big on views. This trail, through verdant forests, provides occasional peeks into Hildesheim and the Leinebergland. You can be assured of plenty of beautiful spots to rest your legs on the way while enjoying pristine mountain views. The hike ends with a steep descent to a stream, which constitutes the most favorite part of the hike for children.

Distance: 3.1 mi/5.1 Km; Level: Easy

Annastift trail

This one is another family favorite that is easy for kids to manage without getting too tired. The trail starts from Annastift and continues till Kronberg. The part of the hike that especially appeals to children and adults alike is the wild boar enclosure. Also, you will come across playgrounds on the way.

Distance: 6.2 mi/10 Km; Level: Easy

Klosterwanderweg trail

This trail connects the monasteries of Lamspringe and Brunshausen and runs long the Heber mountain range. This is a section of the 84 Km (52 miles) long Harzer Klosterwanderweg trail that runs along the northern edge of the Harz Mountains, connecting eleven former monasteries between the Lower Saxony Wöltingerode and the city of Quedlinburg in Saxony-Anhalt.

Distance: 13.3 mi/21.5 Km; Level: Difficult

Via Romea trail

Via Romea is a famous pilgrimage trail from Northern Germany to Rome. It consists of 12 sections, one of which lies close to the Hanover area. This part of the trail connects the medieval towns of Celle and Braunschweig, and takes you past agricultural land, small settlements, and treats you to the rustic, rural ambiance of the countryside.

Distance: 23 mi/36.9 Km; Level: Difficult


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