The Most Beautiful Place In The World? Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


As we drove into the small Swiss town of Lauterbrunnen it was unlike anything we’d ever seen before. In traditional Swiss fashion, cross-timbers mark the facades of the village and it’s adorable… but comes standard in the old-country. The village setting is where the magic lies. Lauterbrunnen is positioned along a crystal river in the center of a U-shaped valley with the mighty Alps raising dramatically on all sides. Nearby one of 77 waterfalls pours, seemingly directly on the main drag. It’s an incredible sight. Dan and I initially stopped for a few hours but quickly became so engrossed in our surroundings that we scoured the town for wifi and booked a night the cheapest room we could find (albeit rather pricey but worth every franc).

Our first day entailed a breathtaking 3 mile walk through the valley in which we passed through pastures of grazing cows (trusting farmers leave their gates open to let visitors cut through) and drank water straight from the river. That night we had a long, slow dinner at hotel in town, not much was said other than rehashing for the 100th time our good fortune in being able to stay. The next day we boarded a wildly scenic alpine train up the soaring Kleine Schidegg and trekked our way down, passing the perfectly picturesque village of Wengen. Wengen, seated at the top of the cliffs seen below, is car-free and only accessible by foot or cable car and left us feeling especially small and moved by the beauty of the world we live in.

Of course I feel rather presumptuous in calling this place the most beautiful place on the planet, there’s so much of the world I haven’t seen! But, unequivocally Lauterbrunnen deserves to be thrown in the hat. Not far from Interlaken, if you find yourself in central Switzerland you must go.

You must see this for yourself.

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