The Historical Friendship Between Canada And America


“Geography has made us neighbors. History has made us friends. Economics has made us business partners.” A famous quote about special relations between Canada and the United States.

1. Geography

Canada and the United States are two neighboring countries sharing the world’s longest standard borderline: 8,891 km. The mainline of Canadian terrain continues well into the United States, intimately linked to the geography of both countries.
Canadians and Americans breathe the same air, drink the same water, and share the same responsibility to ensure that future generations have a safe, clean, and healthy continent.

The two countries cooperate to address common environmental challenges: Climate change, water quality, air quality, warehouse management, fisheries, wildlife protection, parks, energy requirements.

2. History

In the 1920s and 1930s, Canadians and Americans mixed like never before. Canada’s defense strategy has been changed when planners dismiss the possibility of cross-border conflict. Economic and cultural links are strengthened when doubts about US influence withdraw. Canada and the United States established legions in 1926 and no longer traded with each other through British offices.

More critical is the impact of American popular culture through radio, motion pictures and cars. The Canadian government tried to adjust the broadcast and film but most failed. Other organizations such as the Roman Catholic Church in Quรฉbec have attempted suicide on morality and political pressure to prevent Canadians from participating in the most frivolous aspects of American culture.

Through the new media, Canadians became acquainted with US President Franklin Roosevelt. In 1938, when another war in Europe appeared, Roosevelt publicly promised to support if Canada was threatened. Roosevelt worked closely after the Second World War broke out in September 1939.

During the Second World War, and then the Cold War, the two countries worked closely together. Canada is a founding member of Nato and is a strong supporter of new international organizations such as the United Nations, IMF, and the World Bank that Americans are establishing. Canadians fought in South Korea with the Americans. The early warning line for Soviet bombers and missiles is in the North Pole of Canada and Norad, for North American air defense and navigation, is a fully integrated operation.

3. Trade

Managing relationships with a huge neighbor are at the heart of our foreign policy for more than a century. Trade and investment, as well as people, have flowed across the border, and the United States is our biggest trading partner. And we are American, although most of them don’t know it. We welcome free trade agreements in the 1990s and its successors, Nafta.

There is much more to relationships than security and trade. Canadians see Americans as cousins. We love the same sports: Canadians are crazy about baseball and basketball, and our favorite hockey game is played across the United States. For generations, Canadians have moved south to seek employment, education, and reputation. A majority of Canada comes to Florida, California, and Hawaii in the winter to stay away from the snow. When America suffered, we sympathized. Soon after 9/11, Canadians opened their airports and homes for thousands of American aircraft and tourists stuck here.

Partnership Canada – The United States is strengthened by general geography, similar values, mutual benefits, deep connection, and strong, multistage economic relations. Canada and the United States enjoy the largest commercial relationship in the world, and nearly 400,000 people cross the common border every day for business or entertainment or to maintain family relationships. A safe and effective flow of goods and people across the border is very important for both countries’ competitiveness and economic prosperity.

History has shown that trade is the best way to create long-term employment, growth, and prosperity.

Canada is the largest US customer and buys more goods from the United States than China, Japan, and the UK combined. Canada is the leading trading partner of the United States. Canadian companies operating in the United States directly use 500,000 Americans. Trade relations between Canada and the United States help both countries: to grow together, support economic growth, eliminate barriers, and global competition.

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