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Scotland is home to some incredible varieties of food; from succulent seafood and traditional hearty haggis to colorful vegan dishes and delicious locally sourced ingredients, there is a wealth of food to try. Scotland is surrounded by plentiful seas and boasts lush mountains, fertile lands and varied weather, meaning we can grow natural produce on our doorstep and supply this to our many restaurants and markets across the country.

Here are a few of the best Scottish foods the country has to offer:


With palettes and preferences constantly changing in the foodie world, it should come as no surprise that vegan options are now almost as prevalent on our menus as traditional foods. Across Scotland, cafés, restaurants and bars are adding new and delicious vegan-friendly dishes to their menus all the time, as well as 100% vegan restaurants popping up in our towns and cities too, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Bonobo Café in Aberdeen, 269 Vegan in Perth, and Beetroot Sauvage in Edinburgh are just a few of the places you can try out.


Fish & Chips at Anstruther Fish Bar

Fried in golden, crispy batter with thick-cut chips bursting with fluffy potato, the quality of our fish suppers is a point of national pride. Just remember salt ‘n’ sauce if you’re in Edinburgh, salt ‘n’ vinegar in Glasgow.

The charming fishing village of Anstruther in the East Neuk of Fife is famous throughout Scotland for its fresh seafood. Visit the famous Anstruther Fish Bar for a portion of golden fish and chips and enjoy them at the harbor, taking in the sparkling views of the Firth of Forth.

Frankie’s is Britain’s most northerly fish and chip shop, but it is definitely worth the trip. Named as the best eatery in the Highlands at the Highlands & Islands Food & Drink Awards, this wonderful restaurant only uses the freshest locally sourced seafood from sustainable and well-managed fisheries.

Surrounded by clear waters, the Isle of Mull is the perfect place to sample fresh fish. Head to Tobermory for traditional fish and chips from the Fisherman’s Pier fish and chip van and eat them on the waterfront with sparkling views of the sea.


When you think of Scottish food, haggis springs to mind. One of our most traditional and famous dishes is haggis, neeps and tatties which is made up of hearty haggis, of course, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) and is usually served up with a dram, or two, of Scotch whisky. Made up of a delicious combination of meat, oatmeal, onions, salt and spices, haggis isn’t often the prettiest of foods, but definitely makes up for it with its flavorsome taste.


The Turriff Show

With farmers’ markets, seasonal produce, traditional dishes and interesting ingredients found across Scotland, there are hundreds of creative recipes you can whip up for a family meal or even just to try out yourself. Cook up some sweet treats such as Lemon Posset, and Rice Pudding Souffle, or why not have a date night in with some romantic recipes, including BBQ Roasted Quail Breast, or Pancakes with Trout – the options are endless!


A favorite and a staple across Scotland for centuries. Porridge isn’t something you would typically associate with being Scottish, but it has been synonymous with the country throughout the years and is still a healthy option we all eat today. Follow our porridge itinerary to uncover all the places across Scotland where you can taste delicious variations of Scottish oats and more


Farmers’ markets are the perfect place to delve into Scotland’s local produce. Usually held once or twice a month, you can find these markets across the country, each of which showcases a variety of home-grown produce, ingredients and goods you can try and buy. Ranging from mouth-watering smoked salmon, and freshly cured cheeses, to juicy home-made jams, and locally brewed craft beers – farmers’ markets are the place to be.


The Glenlivet Distillery, Ballindalloch

When you think about Scottish food and drink, haggis and whisky may pop to mind, and it’s no surprise! But Scotland is known for a variety of other local produce too, with many parts of the country boasting the perfect terrain and conditions for the product to thrive. Some of Scotland’s islands are home to numerous distilleries, making them the perfect place to sample a variety of malts – from the gentle and delicate, to the strong and peaty. Elsewhere, Aberdeen Angus beef is an iconic high quality that is enjoyed across Scotland. However, the name comes from a breed of cow, rather than its location.


Scotland’s natural larder provides delicious food and drinks all year round, including traditional dishes, unique ingredients, rich flavors and sweet fruits. In February, why not treat yourself to a wealth of delightful seafood, such as lobster, oysters and salmon, or in August, why not try some wild foods such as lamb, venison, or grouse?


If you’ve ever had any burning questions about Scottish food and drink, look no further! Whether you want to find out about Michelin star restaurants, and other traditional dishes aside from haggis, or if you want to try solely Scottish food that you can’t find anywhere else and find out more about Scottish drinks, all your questions can be answered. Or why not head over to our iKnow Community where you can ask fellow travelers for their insight and tip and tricks on food in Scotland?

By: Mairi Scobie

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