The Best Places to See Tulips in The Netherlands

The Netherlands

In late April through early May, the tulip fields in the Netherlands colourfully burst into full bloom. Fortunately, there are hundreds of flower fields dotted throughout the Dutch countryside, which means that tulips are never very far away.

Keukenhof Gardens

The Best Places to See Tulips in The Netherlands

Visiting Keukenhof during tulip season is a staple of Dutch springtime. More than 6 million tulip bulbs are planted in this expansive park every year, and its English-style landscape gardens are absolutely breathtaking. Keukenhof also organises events throughout the season, including a huge flower parade on 21 April 2018, which attracts thousands of visitors.


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Yes, this is an entire city, but finding tulips in Amsterdam is never difficult thanks to the many springtime events and activities that take place within its borders. In addition to its floating flower market and other horticulturally orientated attractions, Amsterdam also hosts a massive tulip festival. Many of the cityโ€™s principal cultural institutes take part in this event and plant tulips around their headquarters, creating colourful oases throughout the city.


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Like the rest of the Flevoland province, the municipality of Noordoostpolder was submerged beneath the sea until relatively recently and was reclaimed from the Zuiderzee bay during the mid-20th century. Today, this large landmass is covered in flower fields and is among the best places in the Netherlands to experience tulip season. Many farms in Noordoostpolder offer guided tours of their fields, and the whole area is exceptionally bike-friendly.


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Although Lisse is usually associated with Keukenhof, the town is actually surrounded by hundreds of tulip fields that mainly produce flowers for the international market. These long, multi-coloured strips of land are astoundingly beautiful and easily accessible by bike. In fact, Lisse has deep historical ties with floriculture and is home to the Museum de Zwarte Tulp, which is dedicated to the Dutch tulip industry.


The Best Places to See Tulips in The Netherlands

The small tract of fertile, coastal land between the city of Leiden and Haarlem is famed for its expansive tulip fields and is colloquially known as de Duin- en Bollenstreek (the Dune and Bulb Region). This beautiful landscape trails through a small Dutch town called Noordwijkerhout, which is particularly well known for its excellent tulip bulbs. Exploring this region by bike is exceptionally rewarding and allows visitors to discover Noord-Hollandโ€™s rural hinterland, rugged dunes and beautiful shoreline.


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