The Best Bitterballen In Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Bitterballen is a particular type of Dutch meatball with soft, fragrant kernels. Traditionally, Bitterballen is made from beef, veal or mixed, some of the favorite creations are prepared with chicken and fish, often eaten to absorb a large amount of beer. This crispy delicacy comes with a delicious white sauce; all mixed together to form a delightful roux. And Amsterdam is no stranger to their meaty charms. Here are the top 5 places to eat bitterly in Amsterdam.

1. De Ballenbar

A Michelin star chef creates De Ballenbar and his kitchen cooks a variety of artisan bitterballen. The restaurant has honed this classic Dutch dish to perfect and convey their creations with international flavors. They are made in place, perfectly fried and crispy on the outside and bursting with the inside flavor. Located in a food court called Foodhallen, there are also many seats. The social atmosphere with a young, professional crowd. And the group of De Ballenbar regularly set up stalls at local food events.

2. Cafe Luxembourg

Café Luxembourg tries to highlight this very popular snack that detracts from the point and charm of a bitterballen. They come from the famous Holtkamp bakery. In 2012, their bitter kalfsvlees (veal) were awarded the title of “the best bitter in Amsterdam” among the 140 tested cafes, bars, and restaurants! You would not eat it with a pint, right!?

3. Café de Tuin

Located in Jordaan, this traditional café is the ideal place for a bitter party, drinks, and bitterballen combo, while you explore this famous neighborhood. This typical Dutch brown café attracts many locals daily and is one of the most loved watering holes in Amsterdam’s de Jordaan district.

Like other traditional Dutch pubs, Café de Tuin keeps the menu simple and offers a large amount of lager, ales, and IPA. Its kitchen cooks bitterly from 16.30 to 22:00 and presents these delicacies with spicy French mustard on one side.

4. Gewaeght Café

Gewaeght Café at the famous Nieuwmarkt market square is another excellent option. Gewaeght Café is an old-fashioned pub, offering the relaxed atmosphere of a traditional pub, complete with great music, Gewaeght Café brings a range of classic bittergarnituur.

5. De Bitterballen Brigade

Bitterballen can become boring quite quickly. Taste them once, and you’ve tasted them all. That is until you go through the Bitterballen Brigade. A fledgling business of the creators of Fris Deli, Bitterballen Brigade is currently setting up store monthly at Neighborfood Market. Their bitterballen taste has five delicious flavors: pumpkin with goat’s cheese, confit de canard with red compote onions, salmon and dill, mushrooms, pork sausages, and peas.

6. Café Amsterdam

Café Amsterdam is located in what used to be the engine room of one of Amsterdam’s leading pumping stations. Built-in 1897, it was converted into an existing café restaurant in 1996. Three pumps had to make room for a kitchen, but everything else remained intact. Café Amsterdam serves up Full Monty of a bittergarnituur but if you feel a bit more luxurious, go to garnalenkroketten instead. With full of prawn ragu, kroketten is served with parsley and lemon. Bite the upper part, squeeze with lemon juice and dip into parsley. Wonderful!

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