The 7 Best Things To Do In Chur, Switzerland


Close your eyes and imagine a city that has a lot of historic buildings and is surrounded by mountains and valleys. What do you think of the city? Beautiful? No, the city is beyond beautiful. The beauty cannot be described with words. Inhabited since 3000 BC, Chur has become the oldest city in Switzerland. If you don’t believe what we think of Chur, then go and visit the city yourself. Regarding the activities to do in Chur, there are plenty, actually. But, we are going to tell you only 7, because they are the best things to do in Chur, Switzerland.

1. Visit the iconic symbol of the city, Martinskirche

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Dominating the landscape of Chur, the Martinskirche (St. Martin’s Church) has become the iconic symbol of the city. Spare some time to admire this striking landmark. Named after Bishop of Tours, St. Martin, the church, which is located in the St. Martin’s Square, is famous for its distinctive spire and clock face. The church was originally built in the 8th-century but was rebuilt later in 1491 in the late Gothic style because a great fire destroyed the building in 1464. The church boasts its special feature; the three glass windows that depict the Christmas story.

2. Learn about some history at Rätisches Museum

Chur Rätisches Museum

When you travel to a new place, it is great if you can learn a little about the place’s history. You can gain some insights about the history of Chur by visiting the Rätisches Museum. What can you see at the museum that is housed in a baroque patrician residence? A lot of things, actually. The museum displays the Roman statuettes, agricultural tools, weapons, as well as stuffs related to politics and religion. There is also a display of the jewelry from the Bronze Age. Chur’s got some interesting history that is pretty neat to know.

3. Have some artsy time at Bündner Kunstmuseum

Bündner Kunstmuseum neu2

Located in the center of Chur, the Bündner Kunstmuseum is an excellent place for you to have some artsy time during your travel in Chur. The tall, rectangular museum has a gallery in the Villa Panta. In the gallery, visitors will get to see the artistic legacy of Alberto Giacometti, one of the renowned Graubünden-born artists. The impressive collection of artworks at the museum goes back to more than 100 years old. The artworks are a reflection of the art historical significance and the diversity of present-day art forms in the canton of Graubünden.

4. Get on the Bernina Express

RhB ABe 4-4 III mit Bernina-Express am Lago Bianco

You will have a memorable experience if you get on the Bernina Express in Chur. Connecting Chur to Poschiavo (Switzerland) and Tirano (Italy), the Bernina Express train’s classic route promises the magnificent views of the Graubünden canton from the North to south.

5. Leisure at the Quaderwiese

Chur Eisfeld

Quaderwiese is a nice place for you to relax and spend some leisure time. The meadow’s lush grass is going to give you the feeling of tranquility and serenity. If you come in the winter, you won’t be able to see the green area as the Quaderwiese is transformed into an artificial ice rink. You can enjoy the pleasant winter atmosphere while ice skating in the rink between November to March.

6. Be amused at the Animal and Amusement Park Chur

Rufender Esel Tierpark BrettenPhoto is only for illustrative purposes

Situated on the western outskirts of Chur, the Animal and Amusement Park Chur is for anyone who loves animals. Be ready to be amused by more than 60 species of animals, mostly native, in the park. Some of the animals you can look forward to meeting are the woolly pigs, llamas, ponies and donkeys. There is a big pond in the middle of the park where ducks and geese swim beautifully. If you are bringing kids with you, the park has its own playground that is quite generous in size.

The children can play the rubberized go-karts, electric cars and tractors. Or, if your kids prefer something like the slides and swings, they are available too. You can spend the whole day in the park and there is no need to worry about getting something to eat as there is a restaurant inside the park. The best time to visit is between April and December. The park opens during winter (January to March) only when the weather is good.

7. Participate in the Churer Fest

Eidgenössisches Volksmusikfest. Chur. 2011-09-10 14-17-55

Summer is a really nice season, and to celebrate summer, Chur holds its annual summer event called the Churer Fest. The festival, which is usually held in the middle of August, is the largest and most festive festival in the southeastern part of Switzerland. Visitors who attend this legendary festival can expect to enjoy numerous attractions, treats from all over the world and the best of music. The Churer Fest takes place in the most beautiful spot in the city, the Old Town. Attending the festival and exploring the vibrant Old Town are the activities you must not miss.



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