The 7 Best Pizzas In Zurich


Zurich pizzas are known to be as good as anything you would find in Italy itself, so we wanted to list the seven very best options in the city.

As a central hub for tourism and a gateway to Switzerland, Zurich is home to almost 1.5 million people; with such a close proximity to Italy it isn’t hard to see how they picked up the art of making great pizza.

So grab a friend, work up an appetite and head out hungry and ready to try these stunning Zurich pizza options…

1. San Gennaro

San Gennaro Pizza In Zurich

They prove their dough for 48 hours using Italian flour to create a very traditional Neapolitan pizza. The key is then cooking it at 500 degrees for just 90 seconds, which gives you the wonderful spongey and springy crust. Their toppings are simple and delicious, with a wine list to match. This is heaven.

2. Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia Pizza

With restaurants across Switzerland, Santa Lucia are able to avail of the scale of ordering for super high quality ingredients. They cook lots of great Italian style dishes and have one of the best wine cellars in the business but it is the pizza you should be looking out for. They serve it thin and crispy, with a focus on great toppings.

3. Al Forno

Al Forno Pizzas In Zurich

Al Forno is a friendly, family-owned Italian restaurant where the staff make you instantly feel at ease and at home. Their rich, deep pastas (watch out for truffle specials) are a joy as are their pizzas, including the “white” pizza below. Something completely different yet totally satisfying.

4. Più Schiffbau

Più Schiffbau Pizzeria

A wonderful bright and airy room where chefs prepare light dishes right in front of you with dramatic effect. They’ve a wide menu of European classics including some fantastic meat dishes but once you get a scent of their pizzas – or see them going to other tables – you’ll instantly be sold.

5. Na081


If you ever wondered about the commitment to pizza here, just know that the NA in their name is the post code for Naples and the 081 is the phone code for the area. Also have a look at their oven and you will see that these are some serious Zurich pizza fanatics. They also have a full on dessert buffet, so make sure to keep some room for that!

6. SO Pizza

SO Pizza

SO Pizza have two locations in the city where they focus on making their own blend of super thin pizza, which comes with rich and tasty tomato sauce and fresh juicy toppings. The vibe is casual and just as many people get the pizzas to takeaway as eat them in the restaurant. Special marks for having some fantastic coffee too.

7. La Fonte

Pizza La Fonte Takeaway in Leeds | Delivery Menu & Prices | Uber Eats

They make gorgeous homemade pasta dishes and have some wonderful Italian desserts, but it’s all about the pizzas in here. Classic in style with toppings that only use the best of ingredients. If you have a serious appetite try the calzone because it is probably the best in the city.



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