The 11 Most Stunning Places in Austria to Watch the Sunset


A romantic sunset can make for a memorable part of your holiday. From mountain peaks to city bridges, here are our top picks of the best sundown vantage points in Austria.

Vienna, Kahlenberg

This hill, located in Vienna’s 19th district of Döbling, is part of the “green lung” of the city’s woods and one of the most picturesque parts of the capital’s outskirts. At 484 meters high, it is a great place to watch the sun go down over the skyline, and on a clear day you can see all the way to Schneeberg, which is the mountain responsible for Vienna’s mountain spring water supply.

Sunset in Vienna (view from Donaupark to Kahlenberg | © Österreich Werbung / Filmspektakel.a

Bridges of Vienna over the Danube

Of Vienna’s 1,716 bridges, the most picturesque are those that straddle the city’s river. Along the Danube, there are over 30 bridges where you can stop for a quiet moment in the evening. Watch the sun melt into the river from those that carry the U-Bahn trains.

Vienna at night | © WienTourismus

Eagle Walk

This epic hike, which has around 30 stages, is extremely challenging, but well worth it for the incredible sights of the sun going down behind the Alps. A stunning spot, which doubles up as an overnight pit stop, is from the veranda of The Hanauer Hütte, located around 2733m up in the Lechtal Alps.

Dusk at Schafreuter (mountain) near Zirl | © Tirol Werbung / Wolfgang Ehn

Gloriette, Vienna

The Gloriette, located inside the gardens of Vienna’s Schönbrunn Palace, stands proudly on top of a steep hill. From the top, where there is a cafe that serves traditional Austrian cuisine, you can catch wonderful views of the city – a great vantage point for watching the sunset and for viewing Vienna’s modest skyline.

View of the gloriette from a distance | © Vienna Tourist Board


At almost 2000 meters high and sitting atop the Hahnenkamm, Berghaus Tirol has awe-inspiring views across the mountains, whether in the height of summer or the depths of winter. You are sure to catch a dreamy sunset if you hike to the summit.

Mystical sunsets | © Austrian Tourist Board

Gerlitzen Alpe

This mountain is hugely popular with hikers. The trail to the summit grants you stunning views of Carinthia’s mountains and lakes, most pleasing when the sun starts descending and the scenery is bathed in a golden glow.

Getting evening rays from the hill | © Austrian Tourist Board


This beautiful bathing lake has a sizeable pier, a wonderful place to enjoy a summer sunset over this glorious landscape. In the summertime, swimmers, boaters, and various water sports fans descend on the lake, with many staying until sundown.

The golden waters of the lake | © M.T.85 / Flickr


This is a magical part of the country with an endless expanse of rolling hills, historic fortresses, and vineyards – all set around the River Danube. There are a few places recommended for being a good spot for watching the sunset, perhaps most notably the areas up in the vineyards.

Wachua Valley sunset | © Austrian Tourist Board


Located on the border between Austria and Switzerland – between Tyrol and Vorarlberg – are some of Europe’s most indescribably enchanting natural landscapes. Watch the day draw to a close from a spot along the magical “green ring” hiking trail or the Verwalltal valley.

Pink skies | © Austrian Tourist Board

Karwendel Mountains

This mountain range, which is included on the Eagle hike walk, contains varied and wild rural sights. Take the trail to enjoy dreamy sunsets.

The stunning Karwendel Mountains | © Blogging Dagger / Flickr

The Grossglockner

The higher you go, the more epic the sunset. Being Austria’s highest mountain, it is unsurprising that some impressive views can be enjoyed from here. There are various networks around these Alps, ranging from easy to epically challenging.



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