The 11 Best Tidal Pools in Cape Town

South Africa

Water, as we Capetonians are well aware, is a scarce resource, but thankfully we know of a place that won’t be running out of it anytime soon. It’s called the ocean. We’re lucky enough to live in a region with bucket-loads of options for taking a refreshing dip.

Of course, sometimes you want more than just a dip. Sometimes, you want a safe space where you can chill with a drink in hand without having to worry about being capsized by an onrushing wave, and where the kids can play freely. Well, thanks to the Cape’s collection of tidal pools, the ocean’s got you covered there, too. These serene swimming spots are regularly filled by the tides, providing all the benefits of a swimming pool without being reliant on the city’s water supply.

So grab some suntan lotion, pack a picnic basket, and pay a visit to one of these natural swimming pools in the Cape.

1. Dalebrook

Dalebrook: Tidal Pools Cape Town

2. Miller’s Point

Millers Point: Tidal Pools Cape Town

3. Glencairn

Glencarain: Tidal Pools Cape Town

4. Maiden’s Cove Tidal Pools

Maiden's Cove: Tide Pools Cape Town

5. The Come Tidal Pool

Kommetjie: Tide Pools Cape Town

6. Soetwater

Soetwater: Tidal Pools Cape Town

7. St James Tidal Pool

St James: Tidal Pools Cape Town

8. Wooley’s Tidal Pool

Wooley's: Tide Pools Cape Town

9. Saunders Rock

Saunders Rock: Tidal Pools Cape Town

10. Camps Bay Tidal Pool

Camps Bay: Tidal Pools Cape Town

11. Buffels Bay

Buffels Bay: Tidal Pools

If you know of a tidal pool you believe deserves to be on our list, please let us know in the comments below.


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