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Canada is a beautiful place to live, whether you are beginning a new career, work, or setting out on an adventure.

You’ll discover more of the ins and outs of what it is like to live as a Canadian in this full relocation guide. Tips on landing new homes and work moves to set up a bank account and health care and the average cost of living are listed below.

Fast Stats for Living in Canada:

So You Want To Move To Canada

It’s good to consider some basic facts before heading to Canada:

– Overall population: 36.29 million inhabitants

– Provinces: 10

– Territories: 3 Territories:

– Currency: Dollars of Canada (C$)

– Capital: Ottawa

– Amount of ex-pats in total: 6.8 million

– Expats from the US: 1,000,000,000,000

– Australian ex-pats: 35,000

– Expats from the United Kingdom: 600,000

– Official languages: French and English

– Weather: There can be harsh winters; the northern boundary of the nation reaches deep into the Arctic Ocean. Summers are always mild in the southern zone, where most of its 36 million people live, averaging 25-30 ° C (77 to 86 ° F).

– Significant towns: Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal

– Weekly salary: slightly below 24,000 C$

Step 1: Find out the legal conditions for Canada to travel to

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There are normally two ways of doing so whether you are looking to eventually move to Canada: economic immigration or family reunification. You must have a Canadian parent that is either a citizen, a permanent resident, or enrolled under the Canadian Indian Act and is at least 18 years of age for reunification.

On a points-based scheme, an individual visa is calculated. Sixty-seven points are needed, and depending on your age, and if you have a family in Canada, they will be granted to you. Based on knowledge, qualifications, and skills acquired, other points are evaluated.

Most new immigrants make the transition as an eligible worker or participant under one of Canada’s multiple economic immigration routes. Centered on future job performance in Canada, the Express Entry scheme encourages individuals to register for citizenship. This affects factors such as age, work and schooling, and language skills. Since English or French language proficiency is a must in Canada, there is an obvious benefit for those relocating from the UK, Australia, or the US.

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Some provinces have additional potential to draw prospective inhabitants with steady jobs, like Quebec or those less populous in the Atlantic region. If your work abilities are extremely special, you may even be funded by a government.

Canada is now promoting new permanent residents for those businesses who are eager to invest in the country through its Start-Up Visa Scheme. The software helps creative businesses to join the program, recruit Canadians, and succeed on a global scale.

Plan to obey these simple principles in general:

– Ensure that if your permit expires, you leave Canada

– Prove that you and your family can bear the cost of living during your visit and during your journey home.

– Holding a clean felony record

– Remain in good health

– Acting for just qualified employers on a daily basis while applying for a position

– Stay in contact and comply with your visa officer’s requests once in Canada.

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There are a few special programs for work visas that can speed up the process of authorization. For example, whether there are specific fiscal, cultural, or other strategic benefits for Canada, the International Migration Policy enables employers to recruit migrant employees without extensive paperwork requirements.

Requirements for the people of Australia

Australian people may migrate to Canada under the above-written laws, provided they speak English or French. If a Canadian employer recruits them or arrives as an intra-company move, this would make it considerably simpler.

Requirements pertaining to EU residents

EU people, whether they understand English, are more likely to be allowed entry to Canada. In order to meet the points requirement that makes one qualify for citizenship, English proficiency will earn an EU migrant’ points.’

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Requirements for people of America

All the conditions mentioned above must be fulfilled by Americans seeking to migrate to Canada. One common solution is to become a permanent resident rather than a person. While permanent residents are ineligible to vote or hold elected office, they are entitled to health care and in Canada, they can live, work, and learn. By submitting via a different jurisdiction, or by demonstrating a relationship with a partner who lives in Canada, becoming a permanent citizen.

Requirements relating to UK residents

The most common path for UK residents to travel to Canada is by families, spousal and job visas. British nationals will remain in Canada without a visa for six months at a time, but a more permanent visa would be provided later.

Student criteria

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You may apply for a temporary job or travel permit either online before you visit, at the visa office in your home country, or while you are in Canada. If you intend to attend classes, you must apply with your application a Letter of Approval from a Recognized Learning Institution.

For the Foreign Experience Canada scheme, a special visa can be provided for younger travelers. Which requires residents of those countries who are between 18 and 35 years of age to get a conditional work visa. This covers several nations in the EU, the UK, and Australia.

Step 2: Make sure that in Canada you can afford the cost of living

It’s a smart thing to familiarize yourself with what life in Canada really costs. And don’t forget, whether you’re going for a temporary job or education in Canada, they need evidence that when you’re there, you can pay for your living expenses. Here are a number of the simple costs of modern Canadian living:

Step 3: In Canada, set up your finances

Canada is considered one of the safest financial centers worldwide. It is renowned for having the highest per capita ATMs and has thousands of bank branches across the nation, especially for its top five banks: Royal Bank of Canada, Dominion Bank of Toronto, Scotiabank, Bank of Montreal, and the Imperial Bank of Commerce of Canada.

For international citizens or temporary visitors, it’s easy to open a bank account in Canada. Before moving to Canada, you can open an account, but it is better to go to a bank in person.

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If you send money to your Canadian account, you can save money on cross-border transfers by TransferWise, whether you are there as a temporary or permanent ex-pat. Low fees can be marketed by conventional banks and money transfer firms such as PayPal and Western Union, but they end up providing weak exchange rates to customers-making the pockets emptier than they should be.

Consider using TransferWise to get your money from one country to another in order to get the actual exchange rate, the same one you see on Google. In fact, you can also store and handle your money in hundreds of currencies with the TransferWise Borderless account, get local bank information to get paid like a local in the UK, the US, and Europe, and payout to whichever country you need when you need to.

Step 4: Seeking a career in Canada and going to work

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For its current and potential citizens, Canada is keen to make the job quest easy. Here are a few English-speaking places to support you if you have not already landed a job before joining the country:

– The official Work Bank of the Government of Canada

– For Canada really

– Canada Jobs

– Canada Job Center Visa

Step 5: In Canada, get a place to rent

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On the southern boundary, near the major cities of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, most Canadians reside. In these urban areas, the housing market may be tough, but there are still plenty of studios, townhouses, or single-family homes for rent or sale.

Before you arrive in Canada, it is good to begin searching for accommodation. As almost two-thirds of Canadians report buying a house rather than renting, a real estate agent can also be useful in finding a new place to live.

The most affluent places in Canada are Toronto and Vancouver. It is more affordable to live outside the cities, in the province of Quebec, or in the Atlantic coastal regions like New Brunswick or Newfoundland. Ottawa, Ontario, in addition, is home to a significant refugee community, making it an enticing location for immigrants.

Step 6: In Canada, make sure that your welfare is protected

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In order to apply for health benefits while in Canada, ex-pats and long-term travelers can make it a priority. Every province maintains its own health care scheme, and others have a waiting period of up to three months until it is practicable to issue a health card. Health insurance rates are paid in only three provinces: British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta. Healthcare is paid for by taxation in the remaining provinces.

In order to cover extra treatment, including pharmacy or specialty requirements, private insurance is available. But all jurisdictions, no matter your status or whether you have an insurance card, may have free emergency hospital services. Online or at most nearby hospitals, doctor’s offices, or pharmacies, you can apply for a card.

Step 7: Mastering the language if you haven’t already

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Canada’s national languages include French and English. The majority of Canadians mainly speak English, but French is the official language of Quebec province.

People relocating to Canada are highly encouraged to be fluent in at least one of the two languages and, as soon as possible, to become proficient in the other. Online courses are open, such as Duolingo or Canada’s official Language Site. In French and English, each province has several in-person courses for adults and children.

Step 8: Don’t be alone-make friends and message other Canadian ex-pats


Every year, thousands of ex-pats and overseas tourists migrate to Canada. To find fellow ex-pat friends, there are several forums and meetups:

– British expatriates

– InterNations

– Meetup

– Canada Expat Forum

– Forum for American Expats

– Australian Platform for Expats

When relocating to another place, there’s a lot to take care of. Canada is a friendly choice for tourists from around the world if you’re looking for a new place to live in.


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