Red Kangaroo: 11 Facts About Australia’s National Animal


People from all over the world come to Australia to meet a kangaroo – Australia’s lovely, exotic and unique animal that dances across this sunlit continent. Read about 11 things you may not know about red kangaroos.

The red kangaroo is the largest kangaroo species

There are four main kangaroo species: red kangaroo, oriental gray kangaroo, western gray kangaroo, and kangaroo antilopine. The red kangaroo is the largest of the bunch, up to two meters tall and weighs 90 kg. Oriental gray dust accounts for the largest share of Australia’s giant kangaroo population (about 50 million), but red kangaroos, which are common on land, are the official national animal.

They’re significant to Indigenous Australians

Australia Red Kangaroo

The first people in Australia h.u.n.t.e.d kangaroos for thousands of years for both their skin and f.l.e.s.h and it was this name that originated in an indigenous language. The rooster plays a role in different Dream stories, and its social and cultural significance to the natives has become a c.o.n.t.r.o.v.e.r.s.y in recent debates about kangaroo harvesting.

The kangaroo is one of the earliest symbols of Australia

The late 18th-century British colonist was fascinated by this strange animal, first recorded as the Kangaroo by Botanist Joseph Banks in 1770. They are described as having a deer’s head ( minus gauze) and frog. After illustrating captivating European audiences, they soon became a symbol of this remote Australian continent.

They’ve remained the country’s most iconic emblem

Australia Red Kangaroo

Over the past two centuries, the kangaroo has become a clear symbol of Australia and is easily its most enduring symbol. The rooster appears on the Australian Badge, the tail of the Qantas plane, the Australian Travel logo, various symbols of the Australian Defense Force, coins, stamps in the list.

Their pouch isn’t like a pocket

Australia Red Kangaroo

Red kangaroos – which, although their names are actually grey – protect their joeys in a bag, a skin fold that covers the nipples. But Bart Simpson’s eternal way of saying it is not like in cartoons. Kangaroo bags have no pockets attached to the womb-like shopping carts in front of bicycles – they are like a small hole that babies climb in until they are mature enough to leave.

Their teeth are replaceable

Who knows that kangaroos have a lot in common with crocodiles? Like crocs, roos have rows of teeth falling out, they are constantly being replaced. This process, called polyphyodonty, is rare in mammals – elephants and manatees are the only other mammals sitting next to kangaroos in a replaceable tooth club.

They love to f.i.g.h.t

Australia Red Kangeroo

Both kangaroos and males are boxed together to compete for water, and male mice also f.i.g.h.t with females. Kangaroos stand high on their hind legs then stroked and k.i.c.k.e.d, and the image of ‘Boxing Kangaroo, is one of Australia’s most popular sports symbols for decades, especially from winning the America Cup racing race history in 1983.

They’re a serious traffic h.a.z.a.r.d

Almost everyone who drives through the outback has seen warning signs of kangaroo because the donkeys are very popular (and dangerous) on Australian streets. A 90 kg kangaroo jumping at a speed of 50 km / h can cause some serious d.a.m.a.g.e to a car flying along an open road; Bar roo bars are popular protection installed to shield the vehicles. Kanga collisions are especially popular at dawn and sunset.

Australians have been told to eat more of them

Australia Red Kagaroo

It sounds betrayal to eat your national emblem, but some experts have encouraged Australians to lower Skippy for the benefit of the environment. Roos emit less methane than cows and harvests quantities out of their control to help preserve the natural ecosystem. You can try kangaroo steak, sausage and pizza if you make it.

Kangaroos have inspired dozens of place names

There is a Kangaroo island in South Australia (SA), Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia, a Flat Kangaroo in Victoria and SA, Kangaroo Point in Queensland and New South Wales (NSW), and even two separate Kangaroo rivers in NSW. Perhaps the only thing more popular than kangaroos themselves is the place that is named after them.

They’re the mascot of a Czech football club

Australia Red Kangaroo

It’s easy to understand why Australian national football teams (Socceroos) and rugby league (Kangaroos) are named after the country’s animal symbols. But how on earth does a Czech football team end up with a kangaroo on their jerseys? The Bohemians Prague 1905 used a kangaroo to make their crests, after their trip to Australia in 1927, when they were given two donkeys that they gave to Prague Zoo.


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  1. You really need to your facts straight ! Kangaroos are not in the tens of millions they are being slaughtered in fact are now the biggest mass mammals slaughtered in the world .their habitat has been devastated ,by development , for housing ,cattle and sheep farming the government in Australia released false data and encourage s proganda for profit .shame on you for being so gullible .And potentially encouraging further misleading statements we have lost over 80% of our Kangaroos

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