“Portuguese players are so established that I would be their driver”


Hungary’s coach, Italian Marco Rossi, said today that the players of the Portuguese football team that will compete in Euro2020 are “so well known and consecrated” that he “could be their driver”.

“Ewe are talking about a team that is the title champion and that won the League of Nations. They have world class players, so well known and established that I could be their driver or the person in charge of the equipment. If it spoke of only one player, it would be a disgrace to the others”, said the coach, in a press conference.

Rossi, who previewed Tuesday’s meeting in Budapest for Group F, confessed that “the biggest concern” of the Hungarians “is the attacking line” of the Portuguese national team, which has “world-class players, including in the bench of substitutes”.

“We have to play as a team, in a compact way, close the gaps between the lines and hope that, at the right time, we have a bit of luck too. We will play this game as if it were the last of our careers,” he said, noting that “I was signing already” an agreement that would allow Hungary to win the game and Portugal to win Euro2020.

The 56-year-old said the Magyars were “excited about their debut and eager to represent Hungary at the European Championship”, so “if there was any player unmotivated to take part in such a competition, he would have to change careers”.

Hungary’s ‘captain’, forward Adam Szalai, highlighted the “importance of the opening game”, in a group in which the Hungarians will face three respected opponents, such as Portugal, France and Germany.

“We are well aware of the quality of the group we are in and the opponents we face. It’s very important to get on the right foot in a tournament like this. We have to be rigorous in defense and strategy, not least because this team from Portugal is stronger than ever. than that of 2016,” observed the 33-year-old Germany’s Mainz player.

Portugal, which is the holder of the trophy, is part of the F group of Euro2020, along with Hungary, Germany and France, having scheduled their debut in the competition on Tuesday, against the Hungarians, in Budapest, from 17:00 (time of Lisbon).

This was followed by meetings with the Germans, on June 19, in Munich, and with the French, on June 23, again in the Magyar capital.

Euro2020, which has been postponed until this year due to the covid-19 pandemic, runs until 11 July in 11 cities in 11 different countries.

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