Pictured: The moment a huge elephant crushes safari couple’s car roof


Road rage is bad enough. But what worried the driver of this car was that he was about to become a victim of rogue rage.

When a six-ton elephant suddenly lumbered over to the Volkswagen Golf in a South African safari park, Rico Beltrame and his sister Angela feared it was going to reduce the vehicle to scrap metal – with them inside.

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However, the giant tusker turned out to be more curious than crazed. Coming to a halt alongside the car, it plonked its massive trunk firmly across the roof, slightly denting it.

A park ranger shouted over to Mr. Beltrame to switch off his engine – which he did with a trembling hand. Then the 12ft elephant just stood there, gazing down at the rented Golf as Mr. Beltrame and his sister stared back, frozen with fear.

For six minutes the standoff continued, with the brother and sister expecting at any second that the roof would come crashing down on them.

Horror: Their fear is clear to see

But, finally, the elephant removed its trunk and calmly walked off into the undergrowth at the Hluhluwe game park in KwaZulu Natal.

‘We saw a group of elephants and started taking photos,’ said 27-year-old Mr. Beltrame, from Switzerland. ‘Then we saw the elephant head our way. We got very scared when he stood by us and put his trunk on the roof.

‘We waited, sitting without moving, waiting before the elephant continued walking. It was an unbelievable experience.’

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