Photos Of The Best Beaches In Germany To Prove They’re Worth A Trip


Beaches aren’t usually the first go-to when it comes to Germany, but among its history and stunning architecture are some pretty gorgeous spots.

Surprisingly, Germany has more than a few gorgeous beaches to spend a lazy day sunbathing on. While it’s true that Germany is more commonly associated with beautiful architecture, extensive history, and traditions such as Oktoberfest, that doesn’t mean this country’s locals don’t enjoy a beach day here or there. In fact, during the warmer months, these beaches are filled with both locals and tourists alike, all coming to soak up Germany’s most beautiful sunsets or play a round of volleyball on one of its sandy courts.

With many beachside towns not far, these destinations have become popular for day trips as well. Many of the beaches in Germany have covered tents that visitors are free to sit in and use, whether it’s for a break from the wind or to have some quiet moments for reading or phone-checking. Some beaches are near large harbors or docks, appealing to both beachgoers and those who enjoy long walks or hikes along the coast. There’s something for everyone here, especially when the destination is any one of these gorgeous beaches.


The island of Föhr sits in the North Sea, which is located within Schleswig-Holstein Wattenmeer National Park. One thing about this beach that has been noticed by long-time beachgoers is that its landscape seems to change from day to day. On any given day, the beach has been altered slightly according to the tides and their patterns.

While the beach itself is perfect for catching some rays, it’s also a popular spot for watersports with its calm waters. Nature-lovers are also drawn to this beach with its sandy shores and vibrant plant life, much of which can be seen with a short walk around the area. It’s so serene, in fact, that the beach is also home to many natural therapy treatments that occur throughout the year, along with outdoor sports that take place on its flawless shores. It’s believed that Föhr is a great place for healing through ocean air and water, also known as thalassotherapy.


Sylt - The Largest Island in North Frisia |

Sylt is a North Frisian island that’s also considered one of the most popular seaside places in the country. It helps that the location of its beach is positioned on a UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Wadden Sea. Similar to Föhr, the beach in Sylt is believed to be healing just by existing. That’s not all this beach has to offer, though – it’s also a spot for thriving nightlife, innovative cuisine options, and both hiking and biking trails.

The beach itself spans a length of 25 miles, making it large enough to accommodate crowds, which is good news considering how much there is to see and explore. Those looking to extend their beach stay can seek out any number of beachside resorts here as well, all allowing easy access to this gorgeous Sylt beach. They don’t call this beach the “Queen” of the North Sea for no reason and it’s easy to see why it’s garnered so much attention.


Langeoog: The Island for life |

The interesting thing about Langeoog is that it’s a completely car-free zone. Visitors won’t find any vehicles along this stretch of beachy seaside, and that’s part of why it’s so pure and clean. The island itself is protected by large sand dunes, which accounts for its gorgeous views and defense against natural erosion.

As opposed to some of Germany’s other beaches, visitors won’t find illuminated nightlife or hyper crowds on this beach. Langeoog gives off the vibe of being calm and serene, perfect for a day of relaxation. Its tempered climate makes it ideal for an all-day stay and the town itself is home to boutique shops for exploring.


Usedom: a traditional seaside vibe with plenty of culture and nature -  Germany Travel

The Baltic Islands are known for their beauty and Usedom is no different. This popular German beach is known for one unique thing, in particular: “Singing sand.” While the sand doesn’t actually “sing,” of course, it does make a rather interesting sound when the wind blows over it in just the right way. The sound is varied depending on the direction and strength the wind is blowing, but it’s definitely an experience to hear.

Usedom isn’t just known for its beautiful beach, however. Visitors come from all over to walk through town and explore all the shops and restaurants that Usedom is known for. Spas and music festivals are another draw for this area, making it the perfect all-in-one destination for anyone seeking out summer fun. Usedom is also home to beachside resorts for those who want to take in every aspect of this perfect warm-weather destination.


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