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New Zealand

1. Thermal wear

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This is a special type of underwear that is meant to prevent your body from losing heat, especially in cold weather. It operates as some type of skin and creates an insulating layer between your body and the fabric. New Zealand sometimes tends to have cold temperatures which are very chilly. Therefore, it is necessary that you have some thermal wear to fight the cold weather. This will help your body by trapping that heat your body generates keeping you warm and comfortable. You should make sure your thermal wear fits your body properly and is of the right fabric weight to ensure ultimate comfort.

2. Cardigan

By definition, a cardigan is a type of knitted garment that has an open front which looks like a sweater. The weather in New Zealand can sometimes be very chilly and that’s why you need the right clothes as a shield from the cold weather. A cardigan will keep you warm and ensure that you don’t freeze during your trips. You can wear it under a sports jacket or a trench coat if it’s too chilly but also you can put it on over a dress shirt and trousers and you are good to go. You can choose to wear your cardigan open or you close the buttons depending on how comfortable you feel.

3. Travel pillow

For anyone who is on a tour be it long distance or short distance, comfort is always a key consideration. Therefore, for your vacation in New Zealand, you will definitely need a travel pillow. You might want to visit a host of different places during your vacation and traveling is not all that comfy especially with buses and trains and that’s why you need a travel pillow. A travel pillow will make you feel cozy and have a pleasant trip. You might want to catch a nap on your journey and that is where a travel pillow comes in handy. It can easily fit in your bag without taking too much space.

4. Waterproof jacket

The weather in the country changes from one region to another. As a result, you should ensure that you and your family are well prepared for such quick changes in the weather. The best way to be prepared is to pack a waterproof jacket. You might decide to go sightseeing on a calm day but then all of a sudden, the weather changes and there’s a chilly breeze, or suddenly it starts raining. That’s why it is important that you pack waterproof jackets in your backpack in case of such changes. The good thing about a waterproof jacket is it can be nicely folded into an ideal size that can perfectly fit in your bag and allow space for other stuff too.

5. Quick dry towel

When you are on a vacation or a holiday, you are always on the go. In New Zealand, there are a lot of things you can find yourself engaging in such as hiking and skiing, swimming and sunbathing on the sandy beaches on a sunny day. A quick dry towel is such an essential thing that you should not forget to pack for your trip. You will need a towel after swimming or after skiing when you need to dry yourself. It doesn’t take long to dry. It should be able to dry fast so that you don’t carry a wet towel in your bag that is likely to dampen other stuff inside.

6. New Zealand travel adaptor

In New Zealand, power outlets tend to differ from other power outlets from other countries in the world. For example, a tourist from the United States will require an adapter so that they can be able to use New Zealand’s power outlets safely with their US-style power cords and devices. For your vacation, you will use devices like your phone and camera to take photos, maybe use the internet, which means you will need to charge them. That’s why it is wise to carry a New Zealand travel adapter so that your camera or phone doesn’t go off while on an excursion.

7. Sleeping mat

If you love camping then you will definitely require a sleeping mat. Can you imagine sleeping in a tent and whatever you’re sleeping on is not comfortable? In New Zealand, it is advisable that you pack a good sleeping mat if you’re going camping because the ground can get cold, and not only that, the ground can absorb the heat you generate thus leaving you cold. That’s why you’ll require a good sleeping mat that will provide good thermal protection from the ground. The sleeping mat makes sure that you not only enjoy your camping experience but also don’t get stabbed by thorns while sleeping.

8. Lighter or matches

In New Zealand, there are a lot of fun things you can do including camping or hiking and we all know that a lighter or matches are a very important part of camping gear. When you go camping you do a lot of things and some will definitely require fire and that is why it is important to carry a lighter with you. For example, you will need to light a fire so that you can cook something to eat if you are hungry. Again, you may need to light a bonfire and sit around at night telling stories so that you don’t feel cold. Also, if you smoke you will need a lighter during your trip.

9. Spare batteries

Your vacation in New Zealand will involve a lot of movement from one place to another, visiting historical attractions. That will mean that you will also need to use electronic gadgets like your camcorder, camera, or even your torch. These devices will definitely use and need the power to operate and that is why you will need to carry spare batteries for your trip to New Zealand. You need spare batteries for your camera and any other device that you may have. You don’t want your camera going off while you are sightseeing and you can’t take pictures. That’s why it’s important you carry spare batteries.

10. Pocket knife

Also referred to as jackknife or penknife, a pocket knife is a very important gear that you should have in your backpack while traveling. A pocketknife is a multipurpose tool and may be used for many things from opening food packed in boxes, peel fruit and eat with it, or even opening an envelope. When going camping, you definitely require a pocket knife for many reasons like preparing fires. You can also use it to make tents and untying knots. You can also use a pocket knife for first aid such as cutting moleskin or cutting gauze pads to fit a wound.

Things you should pack for your New Zealand trip

Whether you are traveling alone or as a family to New Zealand, the packing list provided here will ensure that you have a nice, comfortable vacation without a lot of difficulties during your stay in New Zealand.

By Stephen Kinyanjui

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