OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Hawaii Island, Hawaii


OMG, I Want to Rent This House spotlights the most spectacular and unique homes that you can actually stay in.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home, Hawaii Island, Hawaii (Vrbo): We like our vacation rentals draped in superlatives. Take this gorgeous piece of midcentury modernism—it has the distinction of being the only Frank Lloyd Wright home in Hawaii. The house was built in 1995, but FLW was not brought back via séance in order to complete it (the architect died in 1959 at the age of 91). The plans were designed by the creator of the high prairie style in 1954 for a Pennsylvania home that was never built. A local FLW fanboy worked with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to acquire the plans and finally bring the home to life four decades after it was originally conceived.

This front yard is gorgeous at all times, but in the morning it has the added bonus of being a little bit shady, which makes it the perfect spot to begin your day with coffee and some “ohms.”

You may think a fireplace is a bit out of place in the sunny Hawaiian Islands, but this home sits on top of a hill, which exposes it to amazing views as well as the trade winds that blow through the area. On a gorgeous evening, you’ll be thanking the sky full of stars that you can pop some logs on the living room fire and get cozy.

This home is brought to you by the circle. The shape can be found everywhere, from the structural design to the decor. The house is constructed in a hemicycle, or semicircle, many of the walls are rounded, a shape that is mirrored by the custom furniture, and even the skylights take a circular form. This very long, curved sofa is both stylish and practical—the cushions hide a vast storage space.

This chic maple kitchen requires that only ingredients of a similarly high-quality vintage are used in any culinary preparations that take place here. Combine tourism with your daily chores and shop for local produce at the farmers markets in Waimea, just a short drive away.

This open-plan living room is all about length—nearly 90 feet of it to be exact. This design takes advantage of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean views that can be seen through the wall of windows that span its entire stretch. Take a page from the former residents and designate one sitting area for each time of day. Start breakfast at one end of the room, and end up on the other by the time happy hour rolls around.

The home is three bedrooms, with three bathrooms, and sleeps six. The bedrooms are all on the second floor, which was built to appear like it’s floating over the living room below. This sensation will give you a little preview of the ocean action you’ll be experiencing when you’re done getting your beauty rest.

The home features several opaque skylights—all circular, of course—that allow a warm, ambient light to shine through. While there will be no star gazing while lounging in the master bathtub, your mid-afternoon soak will be lit by a gorgeous glow. Can you say sultry ‘gram time?

Many of the home’s walls are made from blocks of coral aggregate that come from O’ahu, just a few islands away.

A local woodworker did much of the custom finishings and furnishings throughout the house, though many pieces of furniture are licensed reproductions of FLW’s original designs. These Origami chairs, for instance, were designed by the architect in 1949.

A home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is always spectacular, but here, the architectural masterpiece is matched by that of its natural surroundings. When you’re not lounging on a circular couch, head outside to sway on a hammock, read in one of the many sitting areas, or play a game of soccer on the small field on the property.

This view will never get old, but if you can tear yourself away—which you should, you’re in Hawaii, after all—white sand beaches are only a 10-minute drive away, as is a golf course with a view. For the more active in your crew, hiking, boating, whale watching, and the Kohala Forest Reserve are all within reach.

We are of the opinion that a vacation home can’t properly call itself that unless it has that most indulgent of accessories: a hot tub. On that front, this house not only checks the box, but it goes above and beyond. The lava rock hot tub is large, dramatic, and overlooks the Waiaka stream that runs through the property.

In Vrbo reviews, previous vacationers harp on the peacefulness of this property. One look at this view and we’re pretty sure they weren’t lying.

A trip to Hawaii is all about taking a turn on a surfboard, hiking through some unbelievable nature reserves, and maybe attending a pig roast or two. Or, you could just spend your entire vacation right here, soaking in the hot tub and taking in the gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and the three visible volcanoes—Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and Hualalai. You will technically be telling the truth when you brag to your friends back home that you saw volcanoes and some epic swells on your big adventure in Hawaii.


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