Oktoberfest Clothing Guide For Men And Women | What Should And Shouldn’t


Oktoberfest one of the largest beer festivals in the world in about 16 to 18 days starting from the middle or end of September to the first weekend of October. , every year more than 6 million people attend. Locally, it is often called Wiesn. Oktoberfest is an important part of Bayern culture, it has been held since 1810.

Oktoberfest Clothing Guide for Women

The must-haves:

A dirndl: Combining of a blouse, bodice, and apron. These can regularly be bought in a set. The bodice is meant to fit like a glove and accentuate your ‘assets’, make sure that trying yours on before buying if possible. A key point is a length. Traditional dirndls usually have knee-level or longer. Only tourists wear short dirndls. Read this guide thoroughly to learn more about what to look for in a dirndl.

the dirndl

Comfortable shoes: Heels are should not if you want to enjoy them all night long. You should choose comfy shoes because you’ll be on your feet a lot more than you expected. You should be dancing on the benches on the huge festival grounds until 8 pm if you play your cards right. Close-toed and comfortable are what you should choose.

oktoberfest outfit

Small purse/bag: Oktoberfest doesn’t permit you to bring big bags over 3L. One small purse is okay for holding your cash, phone, etc. Because most of the dirndls will have a pocket. Don’t bring anything that bothers you or might be losing/be getting dirty. The best way is to bring a small purse and wear it at all times, that makes you don’t need to worry about keeping it too much.

oktoberfest outfit

Optional add-ons:
Flower crown: You’ll find a lot of flower crowns for sale at stalls around the festival.

Cardigan/coat: you will have a look really elegant with a lot of lovely traditional coats and sweaters that you can buy. That means you will have to spend an additional fee and probably not worth it if you’re only going to Oktoberfest once.

Pretty braids: It’s very popular to see girls dressed up with some elaborately braided hairdos. It helps to have a good look!

oktoberfest outfit

Oktoberfest Clothing Guide for Men

The must-haves:
Lederhosen: Almost kind of lederhosen looks similar, but ensure that you will get one with good quality (especially if you’re planning on wearing it more than once). Men are considered to only need one pair of lederhosen for life (until the beer belly starts to creep in, of course). Two main points are the length and whether or not you want suspenders (the answer is yes! They look fantastic). Lederhosen typically come in shorts-length and 3/4 leg length.

oktoberfest outfit

A shirt: Checkered shirts are popular. (usually red or blue) but white is more traditional. Often, these shirts are button-up or ‘smarter’ looking tops. Remember! Don’t wear a t-shirt under your lederhosen or prepare yourself for some death stares.

oktoberfest shirt for men

Good shoes: The beer will spill all over so make sure you choose good shoes to avoid that. A good pair is better for dancing without getting tired.

oktoberfest outfit

Optional add-ons:
You’ll look fancier with a felt hat.
Cool belt: You can have on your outfit with a cool leather belt that has a super manly buckle.
Vest/waistcoat: To have your Oktoberfest bro outfit, consider getting a nice vest/waistcoat to complete your look.

Oktoberfest Clothing Do’s and Don’ts

FYI: It’s necessary to remember that these clothing aren’t “Oktoberfest costumes”, they’re traditional clothes of Bavaria (AKA trachten). I can’t explain why it is, but it’s just a weird stereotype thing. I’ve genuinely noticed men in the countryside mowing grasses in lederhosen, and you’ll see these outfits are worn at all special festivals, events besides beer festivals. So, give them some respect and don’t make a mockery of them. Here are a few things you must avoid:

Ridiculous hats.
In Munich, ridiculous hats are for sale a lot during Oktoberfest time. Who has the shaped like beers, for instance. Wearing these will immediately signal you as an obnoxious tourist. Don’t do it – it looks stupid. Bavarians do love hats, but classy felt ones. Don’t make them satisfaction.

oktoberfest outfit

Lederhosen or dirndl ‘shirts’
You know, the ones that have lederhosen or dirndls printed on them is shouldn’t because these are the laziest things ever!

Overly short dirndls: Traditional dirndls should cover the knee. Usually, the only tourists wear those short dirndls.

Oktoberfest outfit

Where to buy Oktoberfest Clothing in Munich

Here are some places for buying Oktoberfest outfits in Munich once you’re there. Where you can buy at an affordable price and easily accessible in Munich’s city center. Refer to my guide below to doing Oktoberfest on a budget.

Flea markets: Munich where have many awesome flea markets that will provide second-hand/new dirndls and lederhosen. There is a great place at Olympiapark on Fridays and Saturdays.

Second-hand shops: Second-hand shops in Munich will almost always sell some trachtens., even have new trachtens. It will be cheaper when shopping there. NOTE: Many shops in Munich (e.g. ReSales) have special deals for students on certain days or special holidays.

Facebook groups: There are many Facebook groups meant for people in Munich buying/selling things like clothing, furniture, etc. You can join then you’ll find some dirndls and lederhosen are seld for bargain prices.

eBay: In Germany, eBay works as a Classifieds/Craigslist and usually has many people selling used dirndls/lederhosen here.

C&A: C&A is a department store with several branches in Munich. It’s a good place to buy your Oktoberfest clothing. The quality is good and the prices are fairly affordable (relatively speaking).

Galeria Kaufhof: This is a higher-end store with several branches in the Munich center. The price is higher than C&A but the quality -is better.

Loden Frey: This is a store for wealthy tourists who many high-class folks choose for shopping. Ridiculously gorgeous outfits but at a very high price (somethings up to 800 euros!).

Angermaier: This store has many huge ranges of great designer items from a hundred euros to a thousand! One of the most famous names in Munich.

If you still have any questions about Oktoberfest clothing, feel free to ask away in the comments! I’ll try my best to help.


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