Must-Visit places in Austria – The land of Many Cultures


Austria is a landlocked country in the central European region. It shares its borders with 6 other European countries. Thus, it’s an amalgamation of European culture and traditions. Austria is also blessed with some of the amazing neo-gothic and baroque style architecture marvels, Alpine villages, serene lakes, and picturesque landscapes. In addition, it boasts some of the best operas and a vibrant Christmas market. All in All, a country that offers a rich travel experience, that won’t disappoint any of its visitors. Let’s have a look at the Must-Visit places in Austria you should consider for your next vacation.

Vienna – The Architecture City

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The capital city of Austria is a mecca for history enthusiasts, As it is the home of some of the reputed gothic and baroque styled structures. A walk down the Ringstrasse Boulevard is the best thing to do in Vienna, As it encompasses the best Monuments the city has to offer. Tourist in the evening spends their time exploring the cafes or witnessing the cultural performances in the National Theatre of Vienna. Also, Vienna has one of the best Christmas markets across the globe. Hence, making it a year-round destination and one of the Must-Visit Places in Austria

How to reach Vienna:

Regular one-stop flights are available from Major metro cities in India. Hence Connectivity to Vienna isn’t a problem for Indians.

Ideal Duration:

You are looking at 3-4 nights to stay in Vienna to experience Vienna and get the hang of the Culture and not to miss out on the best places in Vienna.

Things to Visit in Vienna:

Why Should I Study in Vienna?

A ride on Hop on Hop off the bus, A Visit to St Stephen’s cathedral, Enjoying a cultural performance at The National Gallery are few of the must-do things in Vienna.

Bratislava is just 2 hours away from Vienna via Train. Hence, if you are staying for more than 2 nights, A day trip Bratislava should be part of your itinerary.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Vienna is from Mid April to September. Also, you can visit from Mid December – Jan mid, in order to experience Christmas Market.

Salzburg – The birthplace of Mozart

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Salzburg lies on the northern side of Austria, close to Germany Border. The river Salzach splits the city into two regions The Old medieval and gothic town on the left and the new 19th-century city on the right. As it is situated on the banks of river Salzach, It is bestowed with serene lakes and green meadows. In addition, Salzburg is on the laps of the Bavarian Alps and is surrounded by mountains on the Northern side.

Salzburg is also the BirthPlace of Prolific Composer of the Classic era Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The city has a rich tradition of music and culture. Also, the musical gem of Cinemas” Sound of Music” was shot in Salzburg. In short, its a hub of culture and heritage coupled with scenic back up. This fairy tale setting makes Salzburg one of Must-Visit Places in Austria

How to Reach Salzburg

Salzburg has an international Airport, but connectivity might be an issue from Indian cities. The Best way to reach the birthplace of Mozart is to take a flight to Munich or Vienna and take a train ride from these cities. This is ideal in terms of duration as well as cost.

Ideal Duration of Stay.

The recommended duration of stay in Salzburg is 3-4 nights. One day to explore Salzburg city and remaining days you can plan a day trip surrounding villages and bavarian regions.

Things to do in Salzburg:

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Visit the Famous Mirabell palace, A day trip to one of the most beautiful villages of the world – Hallstatt, Explore Bavarian Alps, Take a tour of the underground salt mine and enjoy sounds of music guided tour.

Innsbruck – A winter sports Destination

Visit Innsbruck our capital city next to our holiday region Stubaital

The Tiny city is located on the western side of Austria. the city is encompassed by mountains, hence you can witness enchanting views all across the city. Also, the City is a mix of imperial and modern architecture. hence, you will be amazed at the variety in the structures and the building.

Innsbruck is a vibrant city even though its population is relatively low. This is due to the youth and student population in the city which accounts for one-third of the population. The best way to explore the city is on a bicycle. You will find bi-cycles rental in all corners of the city.

Innsbruck is also known for its winter Sports. It has the best Alpine coaster rides and ski parks in Austria. Mesmerizing views along with the calm yet vibrant ambiance is what makes Innsbruck the best places in Austria.

How to reach Innsbruck:

Innsbruck has an International Airport but the connectivity is limited. The best way to reach Innsbruck is to take a flight to Munich or Vienna, followed by a train ride to Innsbruck.

Ideal Duration of Stay:

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Ideally, 2-3 nights is what we recommend in Innsbruck. So, that you can cover all Major Attractions. but if you are visiting in winter to try out the winter sports, you can extend your stay by a couple of days to have an experiential vacation.

Things to do in Innsbruck

Innsbruck hiking and trail running destination guide

Check out Hungerberg Funicular ride for a blissful view of the central valley, Visit Innsbruck cathedral and Hofburg palace to learn about the history and culture, Take a stroll in Alphenzoo to witness a few of the rarest Alpine species, Enjoy the sunset in Hofgarten – a 25 acres garden homes several cafes and finally, the Swarovski crystals – A park and an art museum.

The above list of Must-Visit places in Austria is surely not an exhaustive list, Austria has many other exciting places to visit. Please check out Austria tour Packages on Pickyourtrail and reach out to us for a hassle-free Vacation.



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