Mother Goose Takes Care Of 47 Babies And Keeps Them All Safe


She’s doing it just to collect the child support payments

Mike Digout has never been a big fan of Canadian geese. But this spring his views changed after meeting one remarkable mother goose caring for a very large family.

Since work from home started, Digout has been taking walks along the Saskatchewan riverbank near his home in Saskatoon and bringing along his camera to capture the wildlife that lives there. That’s where he first met the geese.

It got to be quite entertaining to watch the geese fighting over places to nest and protecting their nests.

One night, Digout was sitting near some reeds along the riverbank when he saw a mother goose with an unusually large group of goslings. One by one, the babies started crawling under her feathers to go to sleep for the night, until he counted 16 fluffy bodies crowded under their mom’s protective wings.

And every day it seemed like she had a bigger group.
He counted 25 goslings one day, then 30 the next until he finally spotted the mama goose and her mate with 47 babies. This is known as a gang brood and is common in urban and suburban areas with lots of nests.

It was incredible how calm she was with so many goslings around, She seems like such a patient mom.

The goslings are quickly growing up, and can no longer all fit under their mom. Now, they sleep in one big pile while she keeps watching.

The gang brood has since split into three large family units — but this supermom and her mate are still caring for 25 babies. And they’ll continue to keep them safe until it’s time to fly south once again.

Oh my…I wonder where all those babies came from! And how did she manage to get all of them!! Wow!! She’s an awesome mom!!

A Goose “aunt” or “babysitter” will sometimes mind all the local goslings, giving the mamas a break. I have observed this while watching our local geese. It is a lovely custom of theirs.

Wonder how long she stays sane if she was told to home school them for 4 months and don’t let them out …lol


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