Majestic Feline Roams The Streets Of Kamloops in Canada


A Canadian resident named Allison Burton saw a large furry feline just strolling along the street.

(Image Source: Facebook/Allison Burton)

At first, Allison thought that it might just be a dog. However, after closer inspection she realized that it is a lynx cat. This cat just happened to be exploring out on the road. While talking to The Dodo, she reports, “I have never seen one in real life, ever. I was so excited and in awe just to see this beautiful creature walking so close.”

Burton rushed to get the camera once she realized what she was witnessing.

The lynx cat was in no hurry to get anywhere and neither did she seem like she was in any kind of threat. She casually just walked down the road and so, Allison was able to capture some amazing photos. People passing by stopped to observe the stunning creature just going about her day.

Burton went on to discuss the unexpected incident, “It was just so majestic and happy to be in its own little world, doing its own thing. The local people are in the same feeling — just love seeing these beautiful animals.”

She moreover went on to write, “Can’t believe this beautiful kitty just walked past my house.”

The lynx cat lingered around in the wild, just sharing her beauty with the world. The feline was rather confident despite being the centre of attention.

Surely, you don’t come across such mesmerizing experiences every day.

The Canada lynx targets smaller prey who normally reproduce very quickly. The habitat that they prefer is one with thick vegetation. It makes their hunting process easier. This is mostly the case in younger forests.

Lynx cats are under threat due to climate change as are most species.

Allison was lucky enough to capture the gorgeous creature from her roadside. It isn’t very common to have these experiences from the comfort of your home.


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