Koala Sanctuary – Cuteness In South Australia


Koalas are cute. That’s all there is to it.

I think that the koala is up there on many people’s lists as the cutest animal on the planet.

We really wanted to see a Koala in the wild when visiting South Australia.

It turns out, that we saw many, but one of the best places in Australia to see Koalas is at Mikkira Station near Port Lincoln.

Mikkira Station is a koala sanctuary and an excellent place to spot them in the wild.

We had just started our safari with the Gawler Ranges Wilderness Tours and en route to the camp, we stopped at the station to see the Koalas.

gấu túi Nam Úc - trông buồn ngủ trên cây

This koala looks pretty sleepy!

Owner, Geoff Schults, told us that an airport was opening closer to his camp, but he is still going to try to have people fly into Port Lincoln just so they can keep this experience on the tour.

We agree with him. Seeing the Koalas at Mikkira was one of our favourite things of the entire three-day safari.

koalas South Australia Mikkira Station

Mikkira Station

Most of the koalas that we had seen before this were hidden high in trees and had mostly just been shadows.

But here, they slept at eye level and you can get within a few feet of the cute little guys.

We set out to look for Koalas.

Geoff found them right away and once we figured out how and where to spot them, they become easier to find.

It’s so much fun to walk through the woods searching for Koalas. I think that’s one of our favourite activities when we’re on safari, hunting for wildlife.

It feels so good to be able to say “I’ve found one here!”

About Koalas

a sleeping koala in South Australia

A sleeping koala in South Australia – so cute!

A Koala is not a bear, contrary to popular belief.

It is a marsupial, they have pouches just like a kangaroo and the babies in the pouch are called Joeys.

Adult koalas are tiny, growing to less than 3 feet and they are adorable. Koalas can be found in Eucalyptus trees. They eat their leaves and they sleep a lot.

The Eucalyptus tree doesn’t offer a lot of nutrients, so the koala sleeps a lot.

A person has to have a lot of patience to photograph a koala with its head up.

Most of the koalas that we saw were curled up in a ball in a branch or leaning their heads against a trunk.

They don’t really stir easily. People can walk right by their tree and they barely pay any attention.

close up of a koala in South Australia

Koala close up

You just have to get lucky and be there for those precious few moments that they raise their head and take a lookout to see what’s going on.

We spent a fair amount of time at Mikkira Station so we managed to capture a couple of active koalas.

It’s extremely tempting to reach out to give them a hug, but it’s important to remember that these koalas are wild.

Mikkira Station isn’t a zoo, it’s a natural area and the koalas choose to be here.

They can come and go as they please and you must take care not to disturb them.

koalas South Australia looking at camera

Can’t get enough koala cuteness!

Love Koalas? You can also see them on Kangaroo Island, located just off the coast of South Australia.

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