Jumbo-sized tantrum! dramatic moment elephant throws stick at car as photographer films him


This is the dramatic moment an elephant got bored of being at the centre of a photoshoot – hurling his stick at the photographer’s car.
The majestic creature was filmed in Sable dam near Phalaborwa in the Kruger National Park in South Africa earlier this month [June 11].


Lisl Moolman, a freelance photographer, was visiting the Kruger National Park for an afternoon drive after work when the young elephant caught her by surprise.

But luckily Lisl had some basic animal knowledge and was able to keep calm – insisting the elephant did not seem aggressive but just wanted to make his presence clear.

Lisl said: “This elephant was on his own and feeling insecure without the protection of a herd.

“He came from behind me out of the bush and stepped back in surprise.


“He was still chewing on a stick, displaying no aggressive behaviour.

“I didn’t switch on my car and kept quiet, in case the sound startled him and aggravated the situation.

“When he threw the stick at me, it was a display to assert dominance and authority.”

Lisl said they elephant wasn’t in musth – a periodic condition experienced by bulls only older than 15 years old when the testosterone

level increases when they are looking for a mate.

She added: “I didn’t feel threatened and I noticed he didn’t either.

“He then proceeded in crossing the dam to join a herd of elephants on the opposite side.

“When he had moved quite a bit away, I started my car and slowly drove away.”

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