It’s a mud bath! Elephants protect themselves from harsh sun with layers of thick mud


Wildlife photographer and artist, Anja Denker, from Windhoek, Namibia, captured the group of elephants on camera at the Etosha National Park on a recent trip.

The elephants look almost white as they plaster their bodies in the mud as a way of taking care of their skin and protecting themselves from the harsh sunlight.

Anja, 50, said: “I have been photographing the so-called ‘white’ elephants of Etosha for a few years now.

“They always make great subjects for photography due to their imposing size and white countenance.

“I have witnessed a few interactions with them now as they douse themselves and others animals with water at various waterholes, and just having great fun coating themselves with the white mud.

“It’s always a thrill when you get really close to them on the road or when they pass your car very closely.

“Their sheer size is very intimidating but they have always been gentle and I have never had a problem when being in their presence.”


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