It Was Snowing Chocolate In Olten, Switzerland After A Lindt Factory Malfunctioned


Cocoa came down like it was real-life Candyland… Just kidding, but it did coat a car or two.

Who wouldn’t want a snowstorm that consists of nothing but Lindt snowflakes? For one town in Switzerland, this snowy wonderland became a reality, thanks to a malfunction at the Lindt chocolate factory in Olten. While the factory wasn’t too jazzed about the incident, the people of Olten were treated to cars covered with a thin layer of shaved chocolate as well as a town that smelled like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory come to life. It appears that Europe is still the perfect destination for chocolate-lovers, although not in the way they’d probably hoped. Rather than catching this cocoa in a cup, it flurried down on cars and streets.

How Did It Happen?

Lindt has a reputation for being some of the best chocolate in the world and for the residents of Olten, Switzerland, they were given free samples in the most unorthodox ways. When a problem arose in the HVAC system of the Lindt & Spruengli chocolate factory, flakes from cacao that was undergoing the roasting process were sucked through the system and distributed around town due to high winds at the time. While it wasn’t straight chocolate that was left on the hoods of cars (much to the relief of the town’s residents, we’re sure), there was a thin layer of cocoa dust – just enough to make residents hungry, but not enough to make a cup of morning cocoa.

A small Swiss town has been covered in chocolate snow following a Lindt  factory malfunction

While completely strange and likely unsettling, initially, for the residents of Olten, the Lindt & Spruengli chocolate factory released a statement confirming that the release of cocoa dust into the air was completely harmless. They also went on to say that it only covered one car before then offering to pay for any cleaning that was necessary to de-chocolate the car in question. While the incident was minor (and we’re sure some got a good chuckle out of it), the company did clarify that the ventilation had been fixed after the brief cocoa storm.

Chocolate Snow" Covers Swiss Town After A Mishap At The Local Chocolate  Factory | Bored Panda

Surprisingly, this is not the first chocolate incident to occur in Europe. Werl, Germany, saw a chocolate cascade that was far more serious than a slight dusting of cocoa, and rather, their chocolate issue became a flash flood that took to the streets to clog drainpipes and create a solid layer of chocolate on the streets. The amount of melted chocolate that washed through town amounted to roughly a ton, and while some chunks of chocolate were able to be chipped away and discarded in boxes, other areas of town required a bit of heat and ingenuity to remove. Overall, the chocolate spill amounted to roughly four inches thick, making it thicker than the average candy bar. Fans of Candyland might joke about being immersed in a candy-filled world but in Europe, they’re actually living in one… at least temporarily.


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