Indian Restaurants In Ottawa, Canada

One thing that Indians miss abroad is the spices and authenticity with which dishes are prepared back home. The richness of ghee, the abundance of green chillies and the desi spices will surely make any Indian homesick. Ottawa is home to a vast population of Indians and thus the opening of Indian restaurants has been a major success. The food at these restaurants isn’t just rejoiced by the Indians but by the other natives of Canada as well. Savouries such as butter chicken, rogan josh and dal tadka have made way into the hearts and stomachs of the residents of Canada. Check out the best Indian restaurants in Ottawa, Canada.

1. Little India Cafe

Missing the authentic taste of North Indian cuisine in Ottawa? Little India Cafe will fade these worries away with its expansive menu. It offers a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes all throughout the week. From biryani to tandoor specialised foods, there are multiple options at your disposal. Besides having the Alacarte system they also have buffet options for lunch and dinner. Fulfil your butter chicken and paneer tikka cravings at Little India Cafe.

2. Shaan Curry House

Right since its inception, Shaan Curry House has paved its way into the hearts of the Indian population residing at Ottawa, Canada. For the last 20 years, the taste remains unchanged and the authenticity of the Indian cuisine is kept alive. A wide range of options including sumptuous kebabs, beef, butter chicken, paneer makhani, lamb and more are curated with utmost intricacy and love. It is open six days a week and is a top picked Indian restaurant in Ottawa.

3. Kochin Kitchen

Kochin is a popular city in southern India and is known all across the globe for its spices and coconut-based delicacies. Kochin Kitchen maintains the authenticity of south Indian dishes in the heart of Ottawa. The menu has multiple tantalising options to choose from. You will feel super rejuvenated and ecstatic after eating here. Their specialities include lamb chettinaadu, kingfish curry, beef vindaloo, rasam, kodanadu chicken and lots more!

4. Taj Indian Cuisine

Ready for a feast for your eyes and your mouth? Taj Indian Cuisine has been curating some of the most delicious North Indian delicacies and will undoubtedly continue doing so. Right since 1987, it has kept the Indian culture alive in Ottawa with its phenomenal dishes. From vegan to gluten-free options there are tons at your disposal. The tandoori platter, chaats, pakodas, chicken korma, rogan josh are some of the highlights of this fabulous restaurant.

5. East India Company

Over the last 50 years, East India Company restaurants have not failed to leave its mark in Canada. They have been providing exceptional fine-dining experiences and have curated dishes with utmost simplicity and authenticity. Vegetarian, vegan, halal, and gluten-free options are available for those who may have certain dietary restrictions. All in all this place has everything you would need for a sumptuous and wholesome meal. The specialities offered here include chilli prawns, malai kofta, baingan bhurta, Mughlai chicken, kheer and burfi to name a few.

6. Mia’s India Cuisine

Mia’s India Cuisine specialises in a high-quality and an authentic-Indian dining experience in Ottawa. They offer meals for one as well as various buffet options for outings with family and friends. The chicken tikka wrap with a mulligatawny soup, saag paneer, chana masala, lamb curry, and shish kabab are amongst the top favourites here. End these sumptuous meals with a super tasty dessert such as burfi, ice-cream, gulab jamun for an exhilarating experience.

7. Host India

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Host India curates some of the most lip-smacking and mouth-watering dishes which are prepared from the finest of ingredients. The local Indian flavours are kept alive miles way in Canada, thanks to the flavourful spices and condiments used in the delicacies. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian you will definitely savour the food here. From tandoor marinations to tantalizing curries everything is worth the penny. The specialities here include chicken tikka kabab, muttar paneer, and the all-time favourite lamb rogan josh.

8. Coconut Lagoon

Coconut Lagoon specializes in rich South Indian food. Some of the widely acclaimed delicacies offered here include parathas, idli, dosa, curries and exotic seafood dishes. Each of these has an authentic coconut base to it making it super flavourful. It is located in the heart of Ottawa and has been a hot seller right since its inception. The biryanis and thalis served here are out of this world as well. You will not miss home food after eating here, that’s our promise!

9. Brampton Authentic Indian Food

Brampton Authentic Indian Food has been founded in 2014 and has been a major crowd puller right since then. It initially started off with the sale of traditional Indian cuisine but has gradually opened a store called Brampton Indian Sweets where fresh Indian sweets are prepared and sold. It has been a major hit in Ottawa and has been loved by all those residing here. It has branches in Ottawa, Nepean, Orleans, Kanata and Barrhaven. They cater not just to the local restaurant crowd but also to parties and business events. Some of the specialities offered here include tandoor items and the curries.

10. Shafali Indian Restaurant & Bazaar

Shafali offers authentic Bengali cuisine in the downtown area of Ottawa. With a charming ambience and sumptuous delicacies at your disposal, this experience can never go wrong. The Rogan Josh, Dhansak dish and the super spicy but super tasty Vindaloo is amongst the favourites. This restaurant also lets you master the art of culinary with specialized cooking classes for those who would like to experiment with some delicious Indian dishes at home. Awesome place isn’t it?


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