Honeymoon In Netherlands: Take A Romantic Vacay To The Land Of Tulips

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful country that is known for its scenic beauty, mild winters, and cool summers and offers much to its tourist in the form of both natural beauty as well as historical sights. There are beautiful mountains, hills, lakes, and waterfalls. If you plan to have a romantic getaway or want to have your honeymoon in the Netherlands, then there are plenty of things that you and your partner can do together.

If you want to avoid the in-season and the crowds when you are choosing honeymoon destinations in the Netherlands, then, you can visit at any other time of the year because the weather is pleasant at any time. Tourists usually visit from the months of October to April because the weather is at its best. It is never too cold or never too warm and visiting in the off-season will mean that you get to enjoy all the beauty that the Netherlands has to offer at a lower price without the rush.

To properly experience all that the Netherlands has to offer, you should visit for about a week and you will still find the time to relax and visit the important sights.

1. Concertgebouw – Visit Great Landmarks And Sights

Visit some great landmarks and sights

If you’re having a honeymoon in the Netherlands, take out some time to visit and explore cultural hubs in the Netherlands. Visit places like Concertgebouw where you and your partner can go for concerts or shows. You can get a tour of the place and enjoy some amazing acoustics. You can even visit the Portuguese Synagogue which is still up and running and is a place where plenty of people come to worship. It is a great historical sight to visit where the Jews were captured by the Nazis. You and your partner can pray here or you can spend an hour or two checking out every room and the interior.

2. Amsterdam – Take A Romantic Boat Ride

Kênh đào Amsterdam – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

This is a great way to spend some time on your honeymoon in Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can take a slow boat ride and cruise through the canals. It would be better to hire a private one because it won’t be half as romantic if there are strangers with you on a public boat. You can also go on a salon boat and indulge in a great meal while floating on the water. You can get a good view of all the nearby sights and the lights along the canal make the ride even more beautiful. You can also just walk along the canals underneath the starry sky. This a really romantic way to spend the evening and also save your money.

3. Plaswijckpark – Enjoy The Rides

Plaswijckpark - Rotterdam - Arrivalguides.com

There are plenty of theme parks or water parks that you can visit while you spend your honeymoon in the Netherlands. Visit the Plaswijckpark and spend your day in a clean park where you can see and play with the animals too. You can also visit Speelpark de Splinter which is a fun way to spend the day with your partner. Enjoy the waves, the rides and much more. You can also visit Walibi Holland which has a lot of fun rides and a massive roller coaster. You can spend the evening having a little picnic with your partner and watching the sunset.

4. Keukenhof Gardens – Relax

Visiting Keukenhof - the world's largest flower gardens near Amsterdam

This is one of the most romantic places in the Netherlands. Almost every tourist has to visit these gardens when they visit the Netherlands. Spend the day here with your partner and enjoy the beautiful tulips that grow around the area. This is actually the largest garden in Europe and you can walk hand in hand through the field of flowers and even stop by near the little pond and enjoy the cool breeze. There is even a restaurant and souvenir shop where you can stop by after.

5. Frisian Islands – Watch The Sunrise

Juist Reisen - Urlaub auf der Ostfriesland Insel buchen

These Islands are collectively called the Frisian Islands that are from the Netherlands to Denmark. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the Netherlands because the white sandy beaches on this Island are beautiful and you can come here with your partner and just relax on the sand and watch the setting sun. If you have free time on your hands, visit these islands and enjoy the rich greenery along with the cows that graze here. There is also a spa nearby where you and your partner can have a relaxing massage together.

6. Attractiepark Slagharen – Ride The Roller Coaster


This is an amusement park located in Slagharen in the Netherlands. It is one of the best honeymoon places in the Netherlands as it gives one time to spend and enjoy with each other. One of the most visited and a top attraction in the Netherlands, the property also has a bungalow park and an adventurous water park. Have a great time with your partner here at this beautiful theme park.

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