Hilarious Footage Of Elephant Stopping A Truck And Stealing Potatoes For Snack


Elephants are one of the most adorable animals on the planet. These gigantic friends are always friendly and affectionate. But even the nicest guys may cause trouble sometimes. They are so curious about the surroundings or the sad facts force them to do that.

That is the case of the adult elephant in this story. He was spotted stopping a truck and stealing potatoes for a little snack in Garbeta Forest, eastern India.

The truck was loaded with potatoes, so the elephant decided to borrow some. He couldnโ€™t resist the waving of the food. Even when the bystanders tried to stop him by shouting and using various tactics, he kept doing his job.

The incident was filmed on camera and went viral after shared on social media.

The action of the sneaky elephant is somewhat hilarious. But it mentions a really sad truth about the situation of elephants in India. They have been listed endangered due to habitat loss and habitat fragmentation.

The elephant in the video was very hungry that urged him to approach the potato truck to seek food. Please let him eat some potatoes!

By: Bored Panda

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